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I’m Ben, and behalf of all of us here at Cosas Totum, welcome. Cosas Totum is the brainchild of a group of friends and collaborators who love debating a wide range of topics and ideas. Sure, there are plenty of blogs and websites specific to a given subject matter, but what if someone wants one website that offers quality content on many different topics?

So, what do proactive people do when they want something that isn’t immediately available? They buy it on Amazon and get the soonest possible shipping. But if that thing they desire isn’t a widget to be purchased on a whim, then they go out and make it happen! So that’s what we did.

You, dear reader, will undoubtedly notice, if you take the time to peruse, that several different authors have created posts offering hot takes, insights, facts, opinions, analysis, review, and commentary about numerous unrelated topics. That’s the idea. While none of us here at Cosas Totum will claim to be an expert on any one thing, most of us fall into that category of “jack of all trades, master of none.” We won’t try to tell you that there aren’t more qualified people to be offering opinions on a given topic, but since when does the Internet require qualifications to offer an opinion on anything?

In all seriousness, we do strive to have factual basis for our facts and solid foundation for our opinions. Each post will be factchecked before it is published, and sources will be made available if at all possible.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking to yourself, “hey, I’m not really qualified to offer opinions on anything, so how do I offer my opinions on anything?” Great self-awareness and great question. We do accept submissions if you have something you want to say. Simply email our webmaster with the content and any sources (or links thereto) to any factual assertions made in the post. We only have one rule: we do not trash religions on this site. All of us are staunch believers in freedom of religion and as such will not make any post promoting or denouncing any given religion. Sure, when discussing Rome we may talk about the persecution of Christians or Jews or other non-Abrahamic pagans, but we will never discuss the merits of one religion versus another.

Anyhow, now that this novella is winding up, please take some time to enjoy our posts. Feel free to share them to the social media of your choice, and give us a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook.

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