The Mandalorian: Chapter 15 and Beyond

5 things we want to see in the last two chapters of season 2 and beyond

We’d hate a cliffhanger but it’d make us stronger

No Din and Grogu reunion, yet. The Mandalorian has done a brilliant job bringing in almost every era of the Star Wars world while still remaining true to the story they’re telling. One more nod they can make to the wider universe is by pulling an Empire Strikes Back and giving us a cliffhanger ending. Grogu doesn’t need to be rescued just yet. Let us go a few long, arduous months wondering if we’ll ever see Grogu back in Mando’s knapsack again. I personally have enjoyed the nostalgia feels of the week to week wait between shows. Let’s kick it 1980 style and make us squirm even more for a few months. 

A deception. Mando’s circle is growing larger and larger. That concerns me for two reasons. Reason #1: One, if not more, of that inner circle, is going to deceive him. I’d say stab him in the back but we all know that bescar ain’t letting that happen. My money is on Grief to be the traitor. Reason #2: His circle might be too big. Is the goal some kind of Marvel End Game type battle with Mando and his crew vs. Moff Gideon and his? I doubt it is. Still, Mando is making too many friends.

Continue the Rise of Skywalker rescue project. I am a Star Wars apologist. The Last Jedi is defensible and the prequels tell the story the way it went down, got it?! But the Rise of Skywalker was bad. I fear the day I have to tell my kids what I just wrote. But there is hope it can be salvaged and Favreau is on the cusp of pulling it off. The Mandalorian is legitimizing ROS. How did the Emperor come back you ask? Well, in short, what if we said he did it thanks to the alien blood of a Yoda species that was tracked down by the remnants of the Empire the emperor helped build and didn’t just go soft once he fell down that shaft? In and in and in. I think Favreau will only continue to add some meat to that storyline and fill in the massive hole in between 8 and 9 and at least add a defensible explanation as to how the Emperor hung on. 

More of this

Mando, unmasked. They missed a golden opportunity to unmask Din yet still allow him to follow his airtight Mandalorian creed. Once Grogu was taken it would’ve been nice to have Mando seperated from Boba and Fennec for a bit to react to the vision of the Deathtrooper carelessly hauling Grogu off to his doom. I would’ve loved about a 30-second scene of Din overcome with his emotions and his affection for that little green guy to the point that he had to take off his mask and unleash a primal scream accompanied with some tears. Instead, Mando spent more time lamenting the loss of his ship (don’t really blame him. I too will miss the Crest). I think a maskless, emotional Mando could’ve been pulled off and not been corny while also giving us another look at what Din looks like under there. I’m hoping if not in the next two chapters that season 3 will give us multiple looks at unmasked Mando and that it will weave nicely into the storyline.

Grogu suffers. All fans of the Mandolorian would riot but in a good way. At this point, you can’t mess Grogu up. Not even that name will do it. So if you give us a behind-the-scenes of what they’re going to put him through to extract his blood and basically use him as the seed to the First Order, let’s make him suffer a little bit and cause our love for him grow to a parental level. Every week we would be pining to see Mando and Grogu back together again and for little Grogu to be out of harm’s way.

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