A Cosas Totum Christmas Poem

‘Twas the day before Christmas,
And all through the site
Not a writer was typing,
No screens were too bright.

The bloggers drank cocktails
And played Robert Earl Keen
While discussing the Mavericks;
It was a sight to be seen.

The stockings were stuffed
And the presents were wrapped;
The path to a happy Christmas
Has surely been mapped.

As Santa flew south
Wearing a Covid mask,
A few more pageviews
Was all the writers asked.

But happy they were,
And cheerful, too!
For the fun they were having
Was simple and true.

Though none of them knew
What the new year may bring,
They couldn’t help but think
It would be filled with good things.

And though a few Grinches
Attempted to scold them,
No unpleasantness was found
Through all of Cosas Totum.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Stay safe, and remember that Santa generally prefers chicken wings and beer these days.

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