Enjoying the Last Weekend of Augmented Reality

It is January 3, 2021. Because Christmas and New Years Day were both on Fridays this year, the past couple of weeks have been a blur. Some folks have been off work the whole time, others have had to work long hours when they did work but got long weekends to make up for it. Today is sort of the last day to enjoy this sense of augmented or possibly even suspended reality.

This was also the last full weekend of college football games. Sure, the national championship game is next Monday, but since it’s Ohio State and Alabama, no one outside those fanbases will really care all that much, right? It’s not like there’s some spunky underdog for the rest of the country to get behind.

It’s also the last weekend of regular season NFL football. Playoffs begin next weekend, so this is the last chance for some teams to get in. There’s even a bit of intrigue in the NFC East where the dismal Cowboys might make the playoffs if they win and the dismal Washington Football Team loses. If you care about bad teams, today’s a great day for NFL football.

We’re going to be entering a short sports dry spell where college basketball and NBA basketball are the only things to watch during the week for a while. The NHL season begins in mid-January, so we’ll have hockey in a couple weeks, but overall this is kind of a sports desert for a bit.

Tomorrow begins the real 2021. Traffic will be back up because kids are back in school. Maybe you’re like me and will be taking down all your Christmas stuff today. You’ll have to remind yourself to end dates with 21 instead of 20. You’ll have even stronger than normal longings to day drink in your sweatpants for the first couple weeks of the year. You might even have to fight back an urge to take a sick day in the first two weeks of being back to work.

Whatever real life means to you, enjoy this last day of avoiding it because tomorrow your real life will be there whether you want it to be or not.

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