Cosas Totum is Seeking Contributors!

Have you ever thought you might like to try writing for a blog? Do you feel as though what you have to say is valuable and worthy of publication? Then consider writing for Cosas Totum!

Right now Cosas Totum is a just-for-fun situation, so there would be no immediate compensation, but it is a great creative outlet. Our contributors all have full time jobs and Cosas Totum is a bit of a creative outlet and nothing else. For now, anyway.

Reasons to Write for Cosas Totum

First off, you can create your own content. Other than fixing typographical errors, the editorial staff does not change what you have written.

Secondly, our only rule is no religious writing. Other than religion, you can write about literally any topic under the sun.

Should Cosas Totum grow to the point of monetizing, you’ll be on the ground floor and will have a preferential status in the monetized blog.

And finally, you can be anonymous! If you’re worried how your content might affect your job or personal life in any way, we are happy to let you use a pseudonym!

If you’re interested, email our webmaster, Ben, at, saying you’re interested, along with some topics that you would be interested in writing about. Your information is strictly confidential.

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