A Few Good Things So Far This Week

This week has been very bad in Texas. In case you’re not in Texas or are in Texas but have been living in a Blast From The Past type bunker, it’s been very cold, very snowy, and very mishandled-by-governmenty here in the Lone Star State. And yes, there’s an awful lot to be mad about. Maybe how the government ignored warnings that a freeze like this could be devastating, maybe the fact that some poor monkeys froze to death at a primate sanctuary, or maybe just general anti-[insert position here] anger.

But there have been a few good things.

First off, I haven’t heard the word “Covid” since Sunday morning. I’m not saying it’s solved or finished or whatever, but it sure has been nice to not be inundated with Covid stories. In fact, earlier today when discussing that with my wife, she said, “oh, yeah, I kinda forgot that was still going on.” I mean, we’re trading one bad situation for another, but still…

Second, neither the Dallas Mavericks nor the Dallas Stars have lost a game this week. To be fair, the games have been canceled to conserve energy for people who need it, but it’s nice to not have to sit through a 150-minute disappointment.

Third, outrage at the government and utility companies is the most unifying thing to happen in Texas since…well, in a long time, for certain.

And fourth, I have witnesses firsthand communities coming together. I’ve seen neighbors taking in neighbors who didn’t have electricity or water or food or whatever. I’ve seen neighbors help each other with busted pipes. I’ve even seen random people helping push a giant Chevy pickup after it got stuck in a snow drift.

So why is this article so short? Because there aren’t that many good things. But there still are some, and when things are mostly bad, it’s important to consider the good.

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