Five Great Domestic Moments

In all the cold weather last week, I had a hot water line bust at my house. Don’t worry, I have professionals coming over to take a look today, so I’m sure I’ll live. But while I was washing dishes by hand with water warmed in a tea kettle I started thinking about some great domestic moments that are just…so satisfying. I want to preface this by saying I don’t have kids, so none of these moments have anything to do with children, though I imagine getting young kids fed, bathed, and tucked in without much drama has to be a great feeling. I just don’t want the parents of the world thinking I maliciously left them out.

1. When Every Sock has a Mate

Comin’ out swingin’. Seriously. I have done hundreds (likely over a thousand at this point) of loads of laundry in my life, and I’ve only managed to account for every single sock like eight or nine times, max. And I hate it because I love socks. I played a lot of sports growing up and I learned early on that having the right socks on and having my shoes tied correctly was the best way to avoid blisters and holes in my socks.

And I always wonder what happens to those socks lost along the way. How did I lose them? Are some of them tucked away in luggage I didn’t empty thoroughly enough? Are still others static’d to other clothes and hiding in plain sight? Who knows? I like to think that every time I lose a sock it ends up in the Harry Potter universe and frees an elf. But then again, I know there’s like a 30% chance that magic isn’t real, so who knows?

2. When the Lawn is Freshly Mowed

The obvious caveat to this is that it requires a lawn. But once you do have a lawn, oh, man. It’s a nice feeling. Especially the first mowing of the year. It’s been gross all winter, the grass was stunted so you put it out of your mind, but then one day you look out and realize it’s overgrown, mangy, and in need of a de-dog-pooping and a fairways-at-Augusta trim.

It’s also a great way to channel your inner Hank Hill. Seriously, it’s downright therapeutic. You’re outside, you’re getting a bit of exercise, you’re probably doing something that will make your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/etc. happy, and you get to have an ice cold beer afterwards. But it is extremely satisfying. After you have finished admiring your handiwork, you get to take a shower and that fresh-out-of-the-shower clean feeling is a domestic delight in and of itself. That said, it’s only getting an honorable mention here.

3. When You Have No Dirty Clothes

This one is a little bit related to not losing any socks, but not quite. Here’s the trick to this one: In order for you to not have any dirty clothes, you’re going to be spending some time in the nude. If you’re fit you can get away with doing this whenever. If you’re not fit (like me), you may want to wait until you know your spouse/significant other is out of the house for a few hours. Of course, if you do laundry in a clean pair of sweats or pajamas or whatever, that’s normally close enough to get that slice of domestic bliss.

Having trouble finding clean clothes to wear - Meme Guy

I also want to add that this feeling is even better if you have actually put the clothes away. There’s nothing satisfying about having clean clothes that are still in the dryer or wadded up in a hamper somewhere. Just do it. I know at least one person reading this has a pile of clean clothes that has been sitting there, unfolded, for like three or four days. Just fold them. It doesn’t take long, and it feels incredible.

4. When You Have Clean Sheets on Your Bed

This is my favorite one. If I had the money and Earth had the natural resources, I would have someone launder and change my bedding every day. Clean flat sheet, clean fitted sheet, clean pillowcases, clean comforter. And yeah, I know that some people do that now, but it’s a tremendous waste of water and energy and while you’re not going to see me supporting the Green New Deal anytime soon, I do think it’s important to minimize waste.

Our problem is that we have dogs (Ollie, pictured, and Apollo, not pictured) that my wife—I mean…”we”—allow to get on the bed, so the comforter is dirty pretty much the evening after it’s washed. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade those dogs for anything, but having full access to my bed and comforter every night would be nice. But either way, having clean sheets is my personal favorite bit of domesticity.

5. Right When You Return from Vacation

I don’t mean the day after you get back when you have to go back to work and have a bunch of responsibilities. I mean the moment you get home. Maybe it was a long road trip, maybe it was just a drive from the airport after a day of flights, but either way, right when you get home, everything is great for a bit. You can drop your suitcase and worry about washing the clothes in there later on. You can use your own toilet and shower in your own shower again. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen your dogs so you get to play with them for a bit. It’s nice.

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And you can worry about all those unread emails the next day. Today is about winding down from vacation and getting to sleep in your own bed again.

What are some of your favorite domestic moments? Let us know in the comments.

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