Quick Hits, Vol. 5

It’s Wednesday and that means Quick Hits here on Cosas Totum. If you’re interested in seeing previous Quick Hits, click here. Last weeks was a bit abbreviated on account of the snow and ice and busted pipes we were dealing with here in Texas, so I’ll try and make this one a bit longer to make up for that. Here we go:

Quick Hits

At some point, likely in the next 50 years or so, cursive will basically be a secret language for people born before 2000.

More sports should allow fighting like hockey. Think about it. How great would it be to see some instigator like Draymond Green or Bryce Harper just get the crap kicked out of them, then they sit for some period of time (I’m thinking three minutes in basketball, 6 outs in baseball)? It’d be great.

Hunter Strickland-Bryce Harper brawl ended Mike Morse's career

For a game series called Grand Theft Auto, stealing cars isn’t all that important to the plot.

“Yes, we’ll have a bowl of queso,” sounds way less weird than “yes, we’ll have a bowl of cheese.”

I used to make note that February 24 is Mitch Hedberg’s birthday. I still do, but I used to, too.

When you really think about it, Hobby Lobby is the exact opposite of Office Depot.

Assuming that the Harry Potter universe includes American school(s) of witchcraft and wizardry, it stands to reason that the following are likely: The oldest one probably dates to colonial times and is probably called New Hogwarts. The first one after the Revolution is probably called something like The Free and Independent University of Wizardry and Witchcraft of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin was probably a wizard. Witchcraft schools in the South probably had to eventually tear down some statutes for being racially magically insensitive.

I have no idea if this is true, but I would imagine the widespread use of electric light has lead/is leading to evolutionary changes because we don’t have to see in the pitch dark as often as our ancestors did.

Can you imagine being the first person to test a parachute in a live-trial where you jumped off a building or out of a plane or whatever? Terrifying. Same thing with bungee jumpers.

Clinical trials should be called drug tests.

If they remade The Breakfast Club today, they would now be (from left to right): a cyber bully, a lacrosse player, completely unchanged from the original, a successful TikToker, and captain of the robotics team.

Judd Nelson says 'The Breakfast Club' shouldn't be remade

Have a great Wednesday and an awesome rest of the week, everyone.

The Breakfast Club Dance GIF by IFC - Find & Share on GIPHY

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