Happy Birthday, Blake Griffin and Joel Embiid. Also, I’m Old.

This article will be brief and likely uninteresting to most people, but here we are. As I sat down to write this morning, it dawned on me that I didn’t have a good topic picked out. This happens occasionally, and my normal move is to Google the date and see if it’s some whacky national day (as an aside, today is “National Freedom of Information Day,” which is absolutely worth celebrating) or the anniversary of some famous birth, death, or event.

About five minutes ago (7:35 a.m. CDT) I Googled “March 16 birthdays,” and both Blake Griffin and Joel Embiid popped up. Blake Griffin was born March 16, 1989, and Joel Embiid was born March 16, 1994. I was born in February of 1989, meaning I’m older than both of these guys, and for some reason that really bums me out.

Maybe not so much with Embiid, who I knew was younger than me, though I’ve never really thought about it. I mean, come on. Watch this highlight reel. That dude is young.

But Blake Griffin makes me feel ancient. I was at Texas A&M when Blake Griffin was at the University of Oklahoma, and I saw him play several times. And of course I remember how exciting and explosive he was in his first seasons as a pro. That, combined with his quirky acting spots and general lighthearted public persona have made me like Blake Griffin. And recently he signed with the Brooklyn Nets, and analysts mentioned how he was old and in the way, on his way down, and was just looking for a place to spend his twilight years, athletically speaking.

Now my twilight years, athletically speaking, were ages 19–21, so I can at least bask in the glory of someone approximately my age making it into their thirties while still contributing. But still.

So I would like to wish Blake Griffin and Joel Embiid the happiest of birthdays. And I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing Blake Griffin. I’m glad he’s still moving and playing because in some ways it makes me feel young. It’s nice to know that, theoretically, I could have been athletic enough to be flying through the air, defying physics on my 32nd birthday. I hope Blake Griffin plays until he’s forty. But regardless, I can’t help but feel old, and I suppose my biggest altruistic wish would be for Blake Griffin and Joel Embiid to feel young for as long as possible.

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