Quick Hits, Vol. 8

Good morning, everyone, and happy St. Patrick’s Day. As a person with a full brain and not much Irish heritage, I’m not a big fan of the hoopla surrounding St. Paddy’s Day, but as a Catholic I like it. The huge bonus to being Catholic is that we can embrace the drinking a bit.

But I digress. As it is Wednesday, it’s Quick Hits day, too! This is the eighth installment, and if you would like to read the first seven, click here. Today’s edition starts now!

Quick Hits

This is my 100th published post on Cosas Totum. That’s probably not interesting to anyone else, but considering we only went live on November 13, 2020, I feel like it’s a lot. Some of them have even approached decent.

If you put a little bit of each type of soda from a fountain into a cup then add some Jack Daniel’s, it’s called a Jack of All Trades and it tastes vaguely like memories of getting your drink at the Cici’s buffet.

If YouTube had been around in the ’90s there would be a lot more videos of people rollerblading in windbreakers.

Whoever came up with the idea do bread and deep fry string cheese and call them “mozzarella sticks” is a genius.

I lose a sock every third or fourth time I wash clothes. But if I give up on the unpaired sock and throw it away/repurpose it, I always find its mate the next time I do clothes. My solution has been to put a clean trash can by my hamper to trick the karmic clotheswashing gods that I’ve given up on the search so that the mates pop up the next time I do clothes. It’s ridiculous.

One of the most impressive things an actor can do is a regional accent/dialect from a country that is not their own. For instance, Christian Bale doing a Boston/Southie accent in The Fighter is incredible. Dude’s not from Massachusetts. Not even from the United States. Then again, I guess he started putting on an American accent as far back as The Newsies, so he’s just very polished.

There are so many foods that have been around forever that you just wonder how on earth anyone thought to eat them or make them. Honey. Milk. Cocoa. Coffee. I mean, how did they figure out that tea was good if you steep it in hot water for a few minutes? And how did someone discover utter and cream? Did they milk a cow and just get frustrated and start shaking the milk bucket until it began separating into liquid and solid fat? Incredible.

Some days you’ll try several passwords, some days you give up early and just reset it.

I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto growing up, and while I guess I’m supposed to be a criminal, the main thing that it’s made me want to do is voiceover work for video games because it seems fun and possibly lucrative.

I once heard someone referred to as “the Michael Jordan of embroidery,” and I’m still confused as to what that meant exactly.

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