I don’t have much else to say, really. I just love this so much.

Also, I know this isn’t a March Madness game, but in case anyone needs to remember just how good Adam Morrison was in college:

And here’s a reminder that hardly any of these folks go to the NBA. Some of these kids will, of course, go pro, but many will be coaches, lawyers, businessmen, laborers, and even professional poker players.

But the important part of March Madness is just sitting back, having a beer or three, and watching kids who are fueled more by passion than anything else. A lot of these players know that any game could be their last, and that’s what makes these games so special. When people have a lot of skill and nothing to lose, the passion comes out and the play is elevated. That’s why sometimes 2-seeds beat 15-seeds. It’s also why March Madness is the best post-season process in college sports. Plus, it leads to moments like this:

Seriously, man. I watched that dunk 35 times last night and it amazed me every time. I love March weather, I love college atmospheres, and I really, madly, truly, deeply, love basketball.

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