A Sunday with No Masters

The Sunday after the Masters is always a bit of a downer. You go from watching Hideki Matsuyama make history to just…mid-April chores and stuff. The only thing I can do to help quell the bummer is try and narrate my chores in Jim Nantz’s voice:

“Looks like he’s going for the broom… well, no, now he’s changed his mind and he’s going for the Swiffer.”

“Yeah, Jim,” I say in Nick Faldo’s voice, “I guess he decided that the trouble with the floors was more likely spilled drink stains and week-old mud rather than bits of crumbs and dirt. Smart play, there.”

Truth be told, I didn’t even feel like writing anything this morning. I had dreams about golf, but a little more on the psychedelic, almost nightmare side. I dreamed I was trying to tee off with a broom. My second shot was with a rake. The good news is I went up and down with a weedeater and a set of loppers to save par.

So today I suggest you take the time to do your chores and your spring cleaning like a good husband/wife/father/mother/son/daughter/roommate, but maybe have past Masters highlights playing to help ease yourself back into reality.

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