Quick Hits, Vol. 14

It is Wednesday, my dudes. And Wednesday means it’s time for Quick Hits. For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

Doesn’t it seem like it would be louder to scream from the bottom of your lungs?

Two people competing to make a burrito in the shortest amount of time are having a wrap battle.

Y’all remember LaserDisc? Wasn’t that crazy? It seems like it was probably way ahead of its time but people just weren’t ready for it. I can remember watching a documentary on volcanoes on LaserDisc in about 1996 or so. This is an 18-minute video, but it’s got some pretty cool insight.

Speaking of old technology, remember buying a special VHS tape that you used to clean your VCR so you were less likely to damage other VHS tapes in the future? That sounds so ridiculous in hindsight.

VHS cleaner SVC2500/97 | Philips

If it hadn’t been for Cotton Eyed Joe, I’da been married a long time ago. If it hadn’t been for this sentence, you wouldn’ta had this song stuck in your head now.

General Douglas MacArthur's Administration of Japan | David McCormack

I like how war zones are sometimes called theaters. “General MacArthur oversaw all Allied forces in the Pacific Theater.” It makes war almost sound like a night out. “Thanks for the invite, Janine, but we can’t make it because we’re seeing Damn Yankees at the Pacific Theater.”

You know what song people like but actually sucks? “City of New Orleans.”

“Offensive minded” is a great way to compliment a football coach and insult anyone who isn’t a coach.

Can you imagine how miserable it would have been to go from the East Coast to the West by horse and buggy? No radio, top speed of like 50 miles a day at most, no real protection from winds, easy to get lost, might get attacked by highway robbers or aggressive Indian tribes, hunting for your own food, no suspension so you feel every single bump…just terrible. If someone told me I couldn’t listen to the radio on my way to work I’d be pissed. I can’t even imagine a 6-month road trip without music.

When you hear John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery,” it can be pretty shocking to hear his voice say, “I am an old woman.” I love the song, but almost every time I hear it I think it’s hilarious that the first lyrics of the song are “I am an old woman” sung by a decidedly un-feminine voice.

Have a great Wednesday, y’all.

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