Best Friday Afternoon Activities

This time of year is really great in North Texas. Normally it’s not fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot just yet, it’s not too humid, and the south wind that blows hot air up this way is gentler and breezier. In short, Fridays in late April/early May in North Texas are the perfect days to take off work after lunch and go do something. Here are some of the best uses of Friday afternoon hookey.

Drink Outside

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Right off the bat we’re beginning with something that’s almost always fun. Drinking a beer or margarita or some other warm-weather drink outside is great this time of year. Breeze, sunrays, chirping birds, oak trees turning green…oh, yeah. And the best thing is that you can multitask this one if you want. I mean, if you want to just hang out in the sun or on a bar patio or whatever, that’s cool, too. But you can also work (if you can’t bring yourself to take the whole afternoon off), do chores, do some leisurely thing like disc golf (though be sure to not break any laws about drinking in public), or even take a nap if you have the proper set up. If I’m home, these are the times I like to have a Lone Star or Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower outside while I do a spot of chores.

Mow the Lawn

This one is on my personal honeydo list today. And I love it. It’s not a chore. I mean, there’s nothing better than surveying your kingdom after mowing that 1/3 of an acre down to a presentable length. Preferably while enjoying a frosty easy-drinking beer like Coors Light or Miller Light. And it’s perfect for the weekend. It’s one less thing you have to do Saturday or Sunday, and it looks nice when your wife gets home from her full work day. Plus, and I know we say this a lot at Cosas Totum, but Hank Hill was onto something. Mowing your lawn is a great feeling.

Driving Range/Golf Course

If I can swing it (no pun intended), this is on my personal list of things to do today, too. I won’t play a round, but I will go to the driving range. And Fridays are great because normally the range isn’t too crowded, and you can work out any kinks or knock away any cobwebs that need it before playing if you get the chance over the weekend. Plus, the range I go to sells beer, so once again I can multitask.

Active Chores

Another great use of a Friday afternoon that has the bonus of being practical is chores. But not just any chores, the ones that require a lot of activity. Cleaning out the garage, spreading ant killer around your house, assembling furniture, rearranging furniture, etc. Something that feels like you accomplished something. I especially enjoy cleaning the garage because my wife’s car won’t be in there on a Friday afternoon so I have plenty of room to clean and rearrange.

Just Veg

On the opposite side of that spectrum, you could also just veg. Open all your windows, put on some music, and just sit in the comfort of a beautiful spring day. My go-to in times like this is to put a concert movie on, too. I like to go with the Grateful Dead’s Dead Ahead or the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls: Live in Texas 1978. Both great spring day concerts. I know this one is a little silly because normally you’d be inside, but you can also, if possible, set a chair outside and listen to the music come through the windows.

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