Alright. Here we are with the second – and probably last – installment of “let’s make Dr. Digits listen to and review something he will hate.” In the first installment, the good doctor listened to Refused for the first time. Although he didn’t like it, he also didn’t hate it. So I have decided to up my game quite a bit. I am quite certain he will hate this one…

Dr. Digits, I present to you A Different Shade of Blue by Knocked Loose. If we took Refused and increased the intensity and screaming from 5 to 10 we would get Knocked Loose. Lucky for you, this 12-song heater only lasts 38 minutes. But in that short time period you will be bulldozed by the heaviest shit to ever come out of Kentucky – the same state that also gave us the greatness of Sturgill and Tyler Childers. If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with Knocked Loose, here you go. You are welcome!
Here we go…..Dr. DIgits reviewing Knocked Loose.

First, did I accomplish the task at hand? in other words, did you hate it? 

Yes, I hated it. Well done. I have no desire to listen to any part of that again and it was a real struggle for me to get through it. Congrats, you win.

On The Shape of Punk to Come, the first 1:30 gives a first-time listener an apt preview of the entire Refused album. I think the same can be said of this Knocked Loose album. What was your initial reaction to track 1, specifically that moment when everything (music and vocals) all comes together? 

After the start of the first track, I immediately went back to the track listing and duration of the album to see how long I’d have to suffer.

How would the post-Knocked Loose you describe the music to the pre-Knocked Loose you? 

Haha, this is a great question. I would say to myself: 
You know that part in Snoop Dogg’s “Murder Was The Case” where we’re sort of led to believe that Satan is talking to Snoop and telling him “Bring your life to me, I’ll make it better”? Of course I do. Well, that happens frequently in this album. This guy is yell signing and then from time to time a demented creature will come in and talk to him like Satan talking to Snoop and it’s very creepy. 

Wow. Okay. And will I be the G that I was? No.

That’s what I’d say to myself. Except I’d much rather listen to Murder Was The Case 13 times straight than listen to that album again. 

Well, in conclusion – Yes!!!! Finally…we have a mission accomplished!
I won’t ask anymore questions. I don’t think I can ask if any specific songs stood out, because you were just trying to power through. I commend you for listening to an entire album that you knew you would hate from the first minute.

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