What Your Monday Morning Commute Music Says About You

It’s yet another Monday, and like all Mondays, there’s a tinge of professional anxiety in the air. People are going back to work after having a couple days off, we’re coming off of Mother’s Day so it’s sort of holidayish, and with more and more of the country reopening more fully, traffic is getting worse. But almost everyone who has a commute listens to something while they’re driving (or riding, or walking, or whatever), and what you listen to might say a lot about you.

News Talk Radio

If you’re listening to a morning news talk radio program, you’re probably over 50. If you’re under 50, it means one of two things: you’re the boss and for some reason listening to news talk makes you feel like more of an authority figure; or your parents listened to that station when you were growing up and now you just associate morning car rides with that program. In Dallas, the best morning news program to listen to while you commute is Hal Jay and the WBAP Morning News (820 AM).

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show - 106.1 KISS FM

If you’re listening to Kidd Kraddick, which is nationally syndicated even though it’s recorded in Irving, Texas, it means that you probably normally listen to KISS FM (or whatever your local station on which it airs is) and just don’t want to change the station. Either that or you’re a reality-tv-addicted suburban mom who likes listening to pop culture stuff while driving the kids to school.

Sports Talk Radio

If you listen to sports radio on your way to work, it just means you’re a sports fan. I know. Lame, right? But if you listen to something like ESPN radio, that means you’re probably more interested in sports as a whole and not as much about whatever your local team(s) is/are. But if you do listen to local sports radio, that may mean you are a superfan. That, or you like disagreeing with those guys and have even called in to talk about how stupid their take on the latest trade was.

Music on FM Radio

This means you don’t have your phone and music synced with your car.


Listening is everything - Spotify

If you’re listening to Spotify on your way to work it probably means that you will listen to Spotify all day. Maybe you have a job where you can listen to music as you work, and it’s just easier to open Spotify in the morning and leave it running all day. If that’s the case, you probably also pay for Spotify Premium.

A Playlist from Your Music Library

If you’re listening to a playlist that you yourself have made, then it means you’re very particular about what you listen to in the mornings. You probably like the consistency and certainty of a playlist. You know if you get more than 10 tracks in during the commute that the traffic must have been exceptionally bad. I used to be this way, and my morning drive playlist was awesome. It began with Robert Plant’s “In the Mood,” which I maintain is the perfect song to wake up to.


If you listen to NPR in the mornings, it either means that you enjoy telling people that you listen to NPR or that you had a Bernie Sanders campaign sign in your front yard.


There literally only two reasons you wouldn’t listen to anything on your way to work. The first is that you’re deaf, which is the acceptable reason for listening to nothing. The other reason is that you’re a psycho. Not listening to music on the way to work is something that the bad guy from No Country for Old Men would do. The whole time in your car your face is just:

Steam Workshop::Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men

Happy Monday, everyone. Enjoy those commutes.

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