Quick Hits, Vol. 16

It’s Wednesday, May 12, 2021, and it’s time for some Quick Hits. For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

Hundreds of years from now historians will unearth clothing and artifacts with “YOLO” on them and assume “YOLO” was a brief religious revolution or some flash-in-the-pan political movement rather than the war cry of imbeciles looking for a way to rationalize reckless behavior in 2012.

We spend $2,600 a year commuting to work

It’s amazing to think of the total miles that are driven collectively around the world every day. Think about it. According to one source, the average commute for an employed American is 16 miles. A quick Google search tells me that there are 155 million employed Americans right now. That means each day 155 million people drive, on average, 32 miles, for a total of 4.96 billion miles every day. And that’s just in the States. The Sun is about 94 million miles from Earth, on average. So on any given day, Americans collectively commute far enough to go to the Sun and back 26 times. Wow.

One of life’s little frustrations is pouring a cup of hot coffee (or tea) and then forgetting about it. I hate when I see I’ve squandered an opportunity for hot, fresh coffee because I got distracted looking for a show to watch.

If someone ever comes up with a way to expand the visible color spectrum, we’ll have to invent names for new colors.

One of life’s little happy moments is when it’s pouring down rain first thing in the morning and you realize you don’t have to get out of the house if you don’t want to.

House of Blues Dallas | Live Nation Special Events

I miss going to concerts so much that sometimes I consider asking my wife to join me putting some music on, in putting earplugs in, spilling a little beer on ourselves, and yelling “OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THIS SONG!”

Are eggs other than bird and fish eggs edible? Like, could one safely eat a turtle egg or snake eggs or even platypus eggs? Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in trying any eggs other than those that come from birds, but still…I’m curious.

I have never seen more than three people at a KFC at one time and I’m not sure who is keeping KFC in business. Same goes for Long John Silver’s and Arby’s.

NCIS' jumped the shark years ago; Season 17 needs to be its last – Film  Daily

On a similar note, who is watching these TV shows that have been on forever? Grey’s Anatomy? Law and Order: Special Victims Unit? NCIS? Even The Simpsons at this point?

I’ve literally given out hundreds if not thousands of business cards in my life, and I don’t have any actual proof any of them have worked.

That’s it for today’s Quick Hits! Have a great rest of your week and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

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