Quick Hits, Vol. 17

It’s Wednesday, May 19, 2021, and that means it’s time for another installment of Quick Hits. For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

At some point there will probably be a Ken-Burns-type, nine-part documentary about Covid. Hopefully some Shelby-Foote-type guy can contribute. There will be slow pans to shots of drive-thru shot lines and boarded up restaurants.

save icon | Icon, Free icons, Save

Do you think they’ll ever update the save icon? It’s been a floppy disc for, like, thirty years, and most people born after about 1997 have never even seen a floppy disc, so it would seem logical that the save icon will change at some point. But to what? A flash drive? A life preserver? Who knows?

The older I get, the more I appreciate just sitting in a room silently and listening to music.

Why Do Outhouses Have a Crescent Moon on the Door?

How thankful are you that you live in a time where indoor plumbing is the norm? Like, can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to pee and your only option is a ceramic bedchamber that you keep under your bed? Or if something you ate disagreed with you, you’d have to put on shoes and walk outside in the elements just to sit on a wooden bench with a hole in it. No Pepto, no Tums, not Imodium, just you, the elements, and whatever animals found their way into the pitch dark outhouse with you.

An Indian king named Maharana Pratap lived from 1540 to 1597. He was seven feet, five inches tall at a time when the average height of a man in India was, as near as I can determine from Internet searches, five feet, five inches. Can you imagine being a 5’5″ feudal Indian and your king towers two full feet taller than you? Unreal, man. Legend says Rana Pratap carried 208 kg (458lbs) of weaponry. Crazy.

I would think that at some point travel will be so advanced that people will look back at the age of automobiles and be astonished that we could get by with it. “Can you believe it used to take three hours to go from Dallas to Houston? I’m so glad we can teleport now!” Or whatever.

Have you ever noticed that the fast food restaurants near Walmart stores are always dirtier and more poorly run than fast food restaurants that are not near Walmart stores? It’s weird.

In a crash, should self-driving cars save passengers or pedestrians? 2  million people weigh in | PBS NewsHour

I doubt I’ll live long enough to see self-driving cars be safe enough to be commonly used, but it’ll be pretty neat when that happens. Of course, there will be a lot of interesting court cases about people committing grand theft auto by hacking a car’s self driving system and just having it drive away from the owner’s house, but that will just be funny up to a point.

That said, it does look like I’ll live long enough to get some more information on all the UFOs/alien files the government apparently actually has.

You should really be suspicious of any tacos that come from a state that doesn’t border Mexico.

Steak Tacos - Jo Cooks

Have a great Wednesday and an awesome rest of the week, everyone.

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