Quick Hits, Vol. 18

Hello, everyone. It’s Wednesday, May 26, 2021, and it’s time for the eighteenth installment of Cosas Totum’s Quick Hits! For the full archive, click here.

Quick Hits

Candy companies are evil. “Fun size” candies are like the worst ones because they’re tiny and you end up eating them until you feel sick, which isn’t fun at all. Additionally, “sharing size” is only on the labels of the bigger candies so you feel fat when you tip that last peanut M&M in your mouth. Candy companies are evil.

The dress - Wikipedia

There are certain things that can really divide society. Soap vs. body wash. Saturday Night Live vs. MadTV. Blue and black vs. white and gold. Using the Oxford comma vs. being a hillbilly. Go-Gos vs. Bangles. (To satisfy your curiosity, I’m a soap, SNL, blue and black, and Bangles guy).

Seriously. Remember when this was a huge thing on the Internet? And I still can only see blue and black. I don’t understand how anyone can not see blue and black. But then again I’m not all that smart, so maybe even if someone explained it to me I wouldn’t understand it. Crazy, though, right? Took over social media for a couple days and I can even remember it being on the news in Lubbock.

Can you imagine being an early human and seeing some incredible natural phenomenon? Like, you just evolved the ability to identify yourself and maybe you have the cognitive function to make small logical leaps like “If I throw this rock at some water, it will sink in the water.” Then you witness a solar eclipse or a shooting star or a volcano erupting or something? Incredible. If they had underwear back then they probably would have needed to be changed after seeing a solar eclipse.

Is it just me or did Wifi just kind of appear? Like, everyone I knew had a “computer room” and that was where the modem was that provided Internet from the phone line to the beige Compaq computer that had Windows 98 on it. But then when I came home from college over Christmas my freshman year, everyone had Wifi and computer rooms were being retrofitted into spare bedrooms.

WinWorld: Windows 98 Second Edition

It’s cool that salt and pepper ended up being the spices we tend to keep on a dining table. Simple. Can you imagine if it was custom to have ginger or oregano or cardamom or cinnamon something?

At some point in the recent history of Egypt, actors were not allowed to testify in court because they were seen as professional liars (insert joke here about lawyers and politicians still being allowed in courts). While I don’t like the idea of anyone being banned from providing testimony, I do like the general idea of taking everything an actor says with a grain of salt. They’re actors. Most of them don’t have any background in the thing they are portraying or the things on which they are offering opinions. Just something to remember.

I wish hats would come back in style. Not baseball caps, but actual hats designed to be worn by men and women in public as a fashionable item or practical solution to combat sun, rain, etc. The problem is that some people would insist on bringing back extra formal everyday wear for people, too. I want to wear my hat, but I don’t want to have to wear a full suit and tie just to grab some TP from the grocery store.

You know, I don’t know when I started always putting 10 blurbs as part of Quick Hits, but that’s just what I do now. This is number nine, by the way. Ten will be below.

CVS pharmacies in Sonoma, two other Bay Area cities to begin offering  COVID-19 vaccines next week

It’s really cool that now when I need something like aspirin or ibuprofen I can just go to CVS and buy it, which is obviously a huge improvement over life a hundred years ago or so. But I’m looking forward to a time when people look back at 2021 and say “I can’t believe people used to have to leave their homes just to get some ibuprofen” as they have it zapped directly into their medicine cabinet. I’ll likely be long dead by then, but still cool.

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