David Dahl tracker update

If you need some context for the reason behind the David Dahl tracker, read here.

The tracker – and Dahl – got off to a great start. Anticipating calls from major league front offices, after Dahl’s early success, we began researching the average consulting fee for amateur baseball scouts and player development professionals. That didn’t happen. None of it. We were shocked.

Anyways, here is the updated David Dahl tracker, through 27 May. As you see, his numbers have dipped, but there is a ton of baseball left. Also remember we are not necessarily measuring Dahl’s success compared to Bryce Harper straight up. It would be foolish to think that Dahl’s OPS will eclipse (maybe not even come close to) Harper’s. We are simply looking at Dahl’s production compared to the cost of his salary. Harper and Springer are there for comparison.

We’ll see you again around the All-Star Break. Unless Dahl really starts annihilating the baseball, at which point we will post an updated tracker before the ASB.

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