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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gotten a little caught up in the Covid-won’t-let-me-lead-my-normal-life-because-I’m-trapped-at-home nature of this pandemic. But now vaccinations are up, more businesses are fully open, and the collective mind, body, and spirit (not to mention the economy ) of the nation could use some stimulation. So, here are some ideas for things you can do today:


Crossword Puzzles
  • Play mind games on a site like Sporcle;
  • Read a nonfiction book;
  • Go get a copy of today’s paper and do the crossword and word search and possibly even the Sodoku;
  • Turn the volume off the TV but put subtitles on and work on reading in a hurry;
  • Read a fiction book if you’re not into nonfiction;
  • Put together a puzzle;
  • Go through your social media and delete/untag photos of yourself you wouldn’t want a prospective employer seeing;
  • Read up on your local, state, and national-level representatives and government officials so you can be more informed;
  • [Selfish Plug] browse around Cosas Totum looking for interesting stuff;
  • Watch a classic movie or a film adaptation of a famous play;
  • Go to a museum within 20 miles of your house;
  • Open the windows, mute the TV, and put on “brain music” like Mozart, Bach, or even jazz like Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, or Sonny Rollins;
  • Cook a meal (protein, veggie, starch, and sauce) for yourself (you’d be surprised how mentally stimulating cooking can be);
  • If you play a music instrument, play it; or
  • Walk around a park or your neighborhood and take pictures of interesting flora and fauna;


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  • Go for a long walk;
  • Play pickup basketball, football, or soccer;
  • Play catch with someone;
  • Clean your house thoroughly (which also helps with mind and spirit, as well);
  • Alternate balancing on each leg in one-minute increments as you watch a TV show;
  • Do yardwork;
  • Organize your garage;
  • Go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls;
  • Rearrange your furniture;
  • Wash your car;
  • Ride a bicycle around the block;
  • If you have to go shopping, park in the very back of the parking lot just to get a few extra steps in;
  • Also if you have to shop, go down every single aisle of every store, just to get a few extra steps; or
  • If the weather is nice, spend some time outside; even if you’re just sitting in the sun or reading a book, being outside will make you feel better.


Why Yoga And Meditation Belong Together | Openfit
  • Do some light stretching or easy yoga (which obviously helps your body, too);
  • Text or call a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while;
  • Write someone a letter and mail it;
  • Turn everything off and listen to music with your eyes closed;
  • If you’re religious, pray or read something about your faith;
  • Find a something that needs fixing and repair it: accomplishment does more for the spirit than anything else;
  • Watch old home movies or look through old photographs;
  • Organize your bag, backpack, briefcase, purse, etc. that you use regularly;
  • Go through your closet and dresser and get collect clothes that don’t fit or are out of fashion to donate to a local charity;
  • Call your parents or grandparents, especially if it’s been a while since you talked to them;
  • Learn a new skill, even if it’s something small like whistling with your fingers or making a really good paper airplane;
  • Watch a documentary about animals or nature (Planet Earth is obviously a great choice for this);
  • Clean your car and/or any other things like that including closets, lawn equipment, kitchen cupboards, etc.; or
  • Get your environment as quiet as possible and lie down with your eyes closed for five full minutes.

I’m not trying to preachy or a picture of health or anything like that. But I know I’ve struggled to stave off the anxiety that comes with being stuck mostly inside while the world deals with Covid and all Covid-related things. I promise you if you pick one thing from each of these lists and do it, you’ll feel much, much better, even if you are already feeling pretty good. But whatever you do, stay safe, stay humble, and strive to improve a little every day. Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

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