Quick Hits, Vol. 22

It’s Wednesday, and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of Quick Hits! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

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Golf is the most humbling sport to play with other people around your own skill level. No matter how good someone is, there’s always a decent chance they will implode and shoot 10+ strokes worse than they normally do. Plus, when you’re playing with a group of people around your own skill level otherwise, if you have a bad day it’s very humiliating and humbling.

.Each day in America there are fewer adults who have never sent a text message. At some point I bet every single American will have sent a text message at some point in their life, and I’d have to guess that day is fast approaching.

I bet modern toilet paper would be confusing to the Founding Fathers.

How About Seven? - The World Is Mine - Wattpad

It’s pretty weird to think about how we used to just volunteer our phone numbers and home addresses to a phonebook service and they would just hand that stuff out to people. It’s weirder that a big thing at talent shows, motivational speaker events, and even the county fair sometimes was a big strong man ripping a phonebook in half.

The anticipation of a coming vacation is almost as great as the enjoyment from the vacation itself. The little burst of energy when you tell yourself “just three more days and then I’m off for a week!” after you’re given some unpleasant task at work is unbeatable.

Hardly anyone I knew growing up was allowed to watch The Simpsons, but every person I knew growing up regularly watched The Simpsons. Just incredible ingenuity to be an elementary school student in the 1990s and have to work to watch the cartoon.

Please Don't Let Your Dog Drink From The Water Fountain - Gothamist

Remember water fountains being at public parks? And they were always gross? And occasionally you’d see someone letting their dog drink from the park water fountain? And then some brave kid would drink from it after the dog? What’s with that?

The English language needs more Z. Any word that has the z sound should use the z instead of an s. Surprize, couzin, huzband, buziness, iz, hiz, waz… there are a million of them, and I’m tired of the s performing double duty while a perfectly noble z gets nothing to do but indicate sleep and end uncommon words like buzz and pizzazz.

Remember in school how you weren’t allowed to use pens until you were fairly old? Like middle school or so? Isn’t that weird? Maybe that’s why I still view pens as more adult than pencils.

We’re almost out of the age of needing a cord to charge your cell phone. Wireless charging is almost universal, really. And what’s going to be fun is looking back in even 10 or 15 years and thinking how awful it was to have to carry a charging cable around with us when we traveled.

Wireless Charging Guide: What is it and which phones are supported? | Mobile  Fun Blog

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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