Need something to do in Fort Worth this weekend? Look no further than Creed Fest at Martin House.

Yes, you read that correctly. Creed Fest! Martin House, one of the best breweries in DFW, is hosting this genius – and dare I guess sarcastic? – event on Saturday. Kreed, you guessed it – a Creed tribute band, will be rocking the Martin House event from 2-3pm. I am guessing that with an hour to play, they will cover all the hits and maybe even get into some deep cuts that only true Creed fans will recognize. And if Kreed isn’t enough, please reach your arms wide open after their set for a Creed raffle. I still don’t believe this, but Martin House says you can win the actual Cowboys jersey that Scott Stapp wore – tucked into windpants – during that glorious halftime show.

My first post on Cosas Totum was a retrospective review of Creed’s My Own Prison album, which includes plenty of 90s nostalgia. This event, then, hits really close to home. I hope to see you there. This will be fun, whether you love or hate Creed.

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