What Does Cosas Totum Mean?

Some of our loyal fans no doubt question where our name came from. There’s a small blurb about it on the website, but I figured I would take this opportunity to explain in greater deal what it means and why it was chose as our name. This post will be brief, but I hope it provides a little insight.

Literal Meaning

Cosas Totum literally means “All Things” in Latin. For those of you with a background in Romantic languages, you probably picked that up already. That’s the literal meaning.

Figurative Meaning

Figuratively, Cosas Totum means that we’re a website and blog that provides some insight/opinion/coverage on a wide variety of topics. Sports, food, news, politics, business, history, travel…whatever. We’ve got something for everyone.

I chose this name because I have always been a curious person. I find an obscene number of topics interesting, and I love to learn, so I have learned something about a lot of different things. Science, history, philosophy, whatever. And I like discussing things. I think there is nothing more important than the free exchange of ideas with other humans, so I like learning and talking to people about new things. I really do try to learn one new thing a day, and it’s awesome. Pour a drink and go through that National Geographic section on the Disney Plus app. It’s fun.

And sure, we cover some things more than others. We have a lot of sports, a lot of music, and a lot of movies/tv coverage. But we also have a lot of history and politics, and my weekly Quick Hits are (I think) a fun respite from any seriousness. And sure, not everything we write is a winner. I mean, I do love potatoes and eggs, but a whole article about how great they are? Seems like little absurd, but it was the early days and I was scrambling (no pun intended) to find subjects to write about. But we do put out a lot of good things, and we have enough diversity of opinion and style to keep things interesting.

I hope that explains a bit about who we are and what we do. We greatly appreciate the readership, and we’re hoping to keep bringing new content to more people every day.

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