Quick Hits, Vol. 23

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Wednesday means Quick Hits here at Cosas Totum. For the full Quick Hits archive, click here! Now, without further ado:

Quick Hits

Califone CAS 1500 Cassette Player/Recorder - SCHOOL SPECIALTY CANADA

I wonder if I’ve already used a cassette tape player for the last time in my life. I still have one and even have a few tapes to play in it, but the sound quality is bad so I hardly ever use it.

Lower quality beer tastes better than higher quality beer when the beer is being consumed on a golf course or after mowing the lawn. Give me Miller Lite over an IPA after mowing the lawn any day.

People of New Mexico: Hatch chiles are not as good as you think they are.

You remember playing Goldeneye on N64 with your friends and there was always one person in your group of friends that would just screenwatch and try to sneak-kill people? Those people all sell insurance now.

Goldeneye 007' Gets an Unreal Makeover

Being a passenger on an airplane gets exponentially less fun the longer you do it.

A hundred years from now it will be fun to see what sports are dead (my bets are football and the biathlon), and what sports have emerged as popular. My guesses on the popular sports are spikeball (video here) and the resurgence of the Mesoamerican ball game (video here).

The Dad on Twitter: "My kids think I'm lame but little do they know how  kickass my Pogs collection was… "

A hundred years from now it will also be funny for someone to be watching Antiques Roadshow and see some dingus getting his great-grandfather’s Pogs collection. Maybe they’ll have a little reenactment of kids in the 1990s playing Pogs on the bus home from school.

It’s funny how romanticized World War II is made to look in movies. Meanwhile, most movies about Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the War on Terror tend to show the fighting as semi-justified at best and generally perpetuated solely by power governments who don’t actually believe in any cause.

Lennon inspired by Beethoven to write this Beatles song

The Lennon-McCartney songwriting duo will be just as historically significant as Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart in the future, and that’s weird to think about.

Every city with exactly two grocery stores has a good one and a bad one. However, the more grocery stores a city has, the smaller the proportion of bad ones is. That’s the law.

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