Please Don’t Video Fireworks this Fourth of July

Look, I LOVE the Fourth of July. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s my favorite holiday. And one huge part of celebrating the Fourth of July is the fireworks. Fireworks are great, aren’t they? Cheap bits of cardboard and gunpowder that are purchased for the express purpose of being destroyed for our entertainment. There’s something very nice about that.

I hope I get to go to a fireworks show this Sunday. I’m genuinely hoping for a chance to go. But you know what? If I do go, I’m going to (and this is pretty radical, so brace yourself) watch the show and enjoy the moment without even thinking about my cell phone.

I know. I know. Pick your jaw up off the floor, it’s unseemly even though what I said was highly controversial. In all seriousness, though, why do people record firework shows? The sound is never right, the color is never right, and no one ever watches those videos again. It’s just a thing people do that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Have you ever gone to work the day after Independence Day and someone is showing their colleagues video of last night’s fireworks show? It sucks. Every time, it sucks. It has literally never been worth re-watching a videoed fireworks show.

So this Fourth, please just put the phone down, watch the fireworks, and remember yourself in that moment. Remember those around you, and the sights and sounds and smells of the environment, and just be entertained by the show. And if you’re the one lighting the fireworks, please, for the love of God, have about three or four fewer drinks than you were planning on having, because people blowing off bits of their hands is a very real thing.

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