Taking Monday Off is a Great Feeling

Memorial Day and Labor Day are the only two holidays that always fall on a Monday. Sure, Washington’s Birthday and Columbus Day are both Monday “holidays,” but the courts and banks are open on those days, so they don’t count. And this year we get this wonderful bonus Monday holiday to celebrate Independence Day.

Monday vs. Friday

Of course, having a Friday off is awesome, too. In fact, having a Friday off is better than having a Monday off. No matter how often I’ll take a Monday off, Sunday still feels like Sunday and there’s a weird sense of imminent responsibility on Monday morning regardless of whether such responsibility actually exists. Whereas having a Friday off really begins Thursday after you get off of work and then you have three consecutive nights to stay up later and three consecutive mornings to sleep in as late as you want.

But no one will be complaining about a Monday free, either. I sincerely hope you use today to keep yesterday’s party going. Drink some morning beer, eat some great food, watch sports, and generally treat Monday as a bonus party day more than anything else.

I feel confident speaking on behalf of the whole Cosas Totum crew when I say that we will make every effort to enjoy this day off. Responsibility will be there tomorrow, but today let’s party.

If you feel like you need more to celebrate, today is also National Apple Turnover Day, National Graham Cracker Day, National Hawaii Day, National Workaholics Day, and National Bikini Day. I wanted to celebrate National Bikini Day but my wife said my t-back bottoms were distracting people at the liquor store. Whatever your reason, celebrate today and go back to adulthood tomorrow.

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