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Oh, man. What a long weekend, right? I love Independence Day, and getting yesterday off was really nice. But I suppose it’s time to get back to reality. No more morning beers for a while, and you’ll likely need a new bottle of aloe after nursing your sunburns. And while we could choose to be negative and think about how we won’t have another long weekend like that until Labor Day, I’m choosing to stay positive.

Mental Health Break

While the first day back to reality after a long holiday is always tough, I typically find a good groove a few days after that that will generally carry me to the next holiday. It’s good to get a cranial breather every now and again, but really life is dull when all there is to do is relax, so it’s nice to have some responsibilities again.

How to Get Over the Hump

Some unsolicited advice on getting over the hump of reality: First off, don’t have anymore alcohol until the weekend. Going with water and other nonalcoholic choices will help you get refocused so you can put your effort into finding a groove again.

You should also do something productive at home sometime in the next week. Clean out your closet, plant some flowers, make those minor repairs you’ve been putting off, make sure your air and water filters are in working order, or do a deep clean in the kitchen. Nothing helps me feel like an adult quite as much as cleaning a house without having to be told to do so.

Try not to work super late on Friday or the weekend. I know that many of us have jobs where taking vacation merely delays responsibility rather than ridding us of the responsibility. This means that sometimes we have to work late or on weekends to catch up. But so soon after a vacation, I find that it’s best to work later Tuesday through Thursday then force yourself to leave at a normal hour on Friday. It helps get back in the groove of a weekend break and gives you a small mental reward for the late work in the middle of the week.

Finally, be sure to take care of your own health. Put some aloe on those sunburns, drink plenty of water, get some exercise, eat a salad, read a book, take a multivitamin, and make sure you’re sleeping. Overcoming the indulgences of a food- and alcohol-centric holiday like the Fourth of July is a great way to get back on a normal track. And whatever you do, don’t show people the awful videos you took at the fireworks show. You shouldn’t have even taken the video, but if you did the least you can do is not subject others to such poor quality.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. For those of you traveling, be safe. And for everyone else, Godspeed in getting back to normal.

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