Quick Hits, Vol. 32

What’s up, party people? It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another installment of Quick Hits! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here. But now, without further ado, I humbly present…

Quick Hits

A jeweler sells watches and a jailer watches cells.

Savage Garden - Affirmation - Amazon.com Music

Bands that sound like they would be heavy metal bands but aren’t: The Grateful Dead, Savage Garden, Sixpence None the Richer, Death Cab for Cutie, the Silver Bullet Band, Fistful of Mercy, Five for Fighting, Styx, Coldplay, No Doubt, LMFAO, the Zombies, the Animals, the Killers, Murder by Death, Heavy D, and Ghostface Killa.

One of the more disappointing first world problems you can have is traveling outside the US but not getting your passport stamped. Mexico generally won’t stamp your passport unless you ask for it, and in the EU it’s a crapshoot on whether you’ll get your passport stamped when you land, then there’s not customs to go through between EU countries so they don’t stamp your passport at border crossings. How are you supposed to show off that cool French stamp if the folks at Charles de Gaulle won’t stamp it for you?

The older you get, the more golf weekend become about catching up with friends and less about actual golf.

DNA to settle where Christopher Columbus came from | World | The Times

People romanticize the days of exploration, but can you imagine how miserable it would be to spend months at a time sleeping in a hammock on a small (by today’s standards) boat going about one mile an hour only to get somewhere and die of a disease that hasn’t gotten to your homeland or by the spear/sword of the native people? The risk doesn’t seem worth the reward, especially these days with how poorly explorers like Christopher Columbus are portrayed.

It’s going to be really interesting to see who plays Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and all of the other major players in America’s response to Covid in whatever movie gets made about it in ten years or so.

Something that makes me feel ancient is watching sports highlights from the early 2000s when I was in middle- and high school and seeing how crappy the film is. I don’t remember Tracy McGrady’s face being that blurry. Weird.

With all the connotations these days, the name “Karen” might well die out in the next 75 years or so. It’ll be interesting to see if it makes a comeback further in the future. It’d also be great if other “old” names (Gertrude, Jedediah, Æthebert, Gwendolyn, etc.) make a comeback at some point.

LeBron Plays Voleyball & Ping Pong at Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 | NIKE  LEBRON - LeBron James Shoes

I think every sport, instead of an All Star Game, should have a non-[insert sport here] sports weekend. In my head it goes like this: all stars are selected like they normally are, but instead of skills challenges and an all star game, the all stars battle in other athletic competitions. Ping pong, foot races, golf, cornhole (I’m defining “athletics” loosely here), dodgeball, kickball, maybe an obstacle course, darts, and pool. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Kevin Durant and Lebron James face each other as team captains of a dodgeball team? And how great would it be to watch Tom Brady play darts against Lamar Jackson? What about Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw playing a game of 8-ball? Or Jamie Benn and Sydney Crosby playing Wiffle ball? It’d be great. Maybe do it in that weird part of the summer where nothing is really going on in sports, except for baseball.

Online is not the medium for discussions on abortion. I know this isn’t a Quick Hit per se, but Texas recently passed a controversial (and in my opinion unconstitutional) abortion law and I have seen many people on social media losing friends and saying awful things to one another based on their understanding of that law. Abortion is a complicated, emotional subject that deserves solemnity, research, and a general level of respectful discourse that Facebook, Twitter, and other online forums can’t provide. And always remember that if you’re going to argue about something like abortion (or the death penalty, or gun control, or any other highly charged issue), that you have to be prepared to be ridiculed, ignored, and offended. I wish it wasn’t that way, but 100% of all online arguments about those kinds of subjects will end in something less than respectful, so you can’t get as mad when that inevitability occurs.

Sorry to end on kind of a bummer, but have a good Wednesday and an awesome rest of your week!

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