The Great Sports Overlap Approaches

As we wind steadily towards October, let’s take some time to get excited for one of the best two-week periods of the year if you’re a sports fan. That’s right. It’s those magical couple weeks when MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL are all on at the same time. This year it begins on October 19, so we’re about a month away, and it will go through about November 3. Let’s talk about it.


Why is that two-week period so exciting? Well for one thing, it’s playoff baseball, which is the best kind of baseball. The NFL will be in full swing so the teams won’t be as rusty as some of them were this past weekend. Hockey will be about a week into their season on October 19 and that’s normally juuuusssttt enough time to knock the rust of those blades. The NBA season begins on October 19 so the game play not be great for that first week, but it’s still nice to know they’re back.

And then there’s college! Holy cow! College football will be in week 6 or 7 or so, solidly into conference play. Rivalry games will be just around the corner, playoff projections will be made, Nick Saban might have even been caught smiling by then.

The beauty is that for a couple weeks a year, there will be some fun game on every. single. night. College football of course owns Saturdays, the NFL has Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays, and hockey and basketball will fill in most of the other nights, and even if they don’t it will likely be league championship series by then in baseball, so there will be something awesome to watch every night. So much diversity of sports entertainment! My wife hates those two weeks, and that generally means it must be great for watching sports.


The one-game disaster of the Dallas Maverick silver uniforms - Mavs  Moneyball

There are a few cons here. The first is that the play in the NHL and NBA might be a little rough because early season games are just like that sometimes. I have a distinct memory of the 2003 Mavericks wearing their vaguely-trash-bag-looking uniforms and absolutely crapping the bed in the season opener against the Lakers. They definitely lost, but maybe they didn’t actually play that badly and I was just distracted by the ugliest basketball uniforms I’ve ever seen in my life aside from those godawful black-and-gold Wizards unis from the Gilber Arenas era. Wait. Actually, I looked at a picture of those Wizards jerseys and they’re actually not as ugly as those Mavs ones from ’03. Seriously, though. The face Antoine Walker is making in that photo looks like he just saw himself in a mirror for the first time in those uniforms.

Oof. I’m sorry I even included a picture. Awful.

Anyhow, back to other stuff. Another con is that you’re going to get double doses of Joe Buck. I like Joe Buck as a football play-by-play guy, but I can’t stand him calling a baseball game. This all stems from Nelson Cruz costing the Rangers a World Series in 2011 while Joe Buck barely contained his glee that his hometown Cardinals did the impossible and bounced back from one strike away from losing to force a Game 7. That said, I get why people don’t like Joe Buck, and those two weeks where he might be calling an LCS game and the Sunday Afternoon game on Fox might trigger some people.

Finally, the last con are the sports that we wish were represented but aren’t. Olympics, golf, college basketball, etc. Can you imagine what it would be like if the Olympics were on during those two weeks? I literally wouldn’t leave the couch. Maybe the lack of Olympics is actually a pro? Who knows.

Anyway, I’ll be providing more updates as we inch closer to those magical weeks, but in the meantime just continue to prepare for a couple weeks of sports awesomeness.

Happy Tuesday!

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