The most wonderful time of the year?

My first grader recently had to write on and discuss her favorite season of the year. She’s a smart girl, but her answer and reasoning were pretty drab (tl:dr, summer and getting to swim a lot) and did little to stimulate good dialogue. But upon further review, it’s hard to give a good answer when a bad question is posed to you. Time and space are infinite, yet we’re supposed to judge our favorite stages of the year within a mere four groups? Get outta here and think outta the box, sheeple.

Tired: What’s your favorite season of the year?

Wired: What’s the best three month stretch of the year?

As our loyal base knows, we at Cosas Totum are not afraid of tackling life’s most pressing questions and controversial topics. And as any reader knows, we are a Texas blog through and through, so all of these seasonal takes are written through a Lone Star lens. So let’s dive in to the pre-eminent power rankings of the best and worst stretches of the calendar.

Bottom Three

The WOAT: December-January-February

Winter is coming. It’s cold as hell. The days are painfully short. The joys of Christmas and New Year’s have very little staying power in the face of a bitter winter with few little time off. It’s a miserable enough of a time that I almost start to believe that SAD is a real thing. And as an educator, these are the true dog days of the year and make every teacher have at least one existential crisis / career questioning breakdown.

“Summer”: July-August-September

This may be a hot take, but I’m done with summer by late July. School anxieties are ramping up and around the corner. The sports calendar is dried up with only the dog days of baseball to entertain us, and the Texas heat has nearly whipped us all into submission by now. This stretch offers the worst parts of summer and not enough hope of fall.

Not Falling for it: October-November-December

Much of this has to do with the misery that is the conclusion of Daylight Savings. DST needs to be permanent. That Sunday of the time change is a miserable experience, regardless of the “extra sleep” it supposedly gifts us. The shortened days are too bleak for this blogger. Thankfully the sports calendar is chock full here, but it’s a frantic time of jam-packed holidays and commitments, and the hectic nature of this stretch paired with the looming clock change is often too much to bear.

Top Three

The GOAT: March-April-May

Take me there. Leave me there. Spring is springing. The misery of winter is behind us. We have the Masters, March Madness, peak NBA, and the start of MLB to relish in. The responsibility of proper lawn care has returned, and we can all channel our inner Hank Hill once again. Also, the calendar is properly adjusted with the return of Daylight Savings, and the natural beauty of spring, along with the approach of summer make this the undisputed best stretch of the year.

Good Summer: May-June-July

School is out, and spirits are high for all in late May. The oppressive heat stays at bay for most of this stretch and we can still enjoy being outside. Who among us doesn’t take a vacation during this window as well? Us who are at home more with our kids now are still enjoying them being home for summer during most of this time without the hangover that hits in mid-late July as well.

Okay I’m hedging: October-November-December

This stretch also made the bottom three, because it’s a real Jekyll/Hyde situation for me. October finally brings a break from the summer heat, and the welcoming change in climate lifts spirits and rejuvenates me. As a dad, holidays like Halloween have taken on a new level of enjoyment for me, and the school calendar allows for just enough breaks to keep us fresh in the fall. Our palates start to shift as well, and soup / chili szn arrives. There’s a beautiful intersection on the sports calendar as well. It’s an imperfect stretch but has plenty to look forward to.

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