Quick Hits, Vol. 36

It’s Wednesday, party people, and that means it’s time for this week’s installment of Quick Hits! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

You can make French toast out of any type of bread, but toasting French bread doesn’t make French toast.

It’s weird to think that you’ve likely received several important work/school emails sent from people who were writing those emails while they pooped. I mean, isn’t that the beauty of a smartphone?

A one-word footnote should be called a toe.* Multiple footnotes should be called feetnotes.** For people who use endnotes instead of footnotes, endnotes should be called backnotes.

“Sorry I’m late, boss, but there was an accident on the Highway to Hell. Apparently someone fell off the Stairway to Heaven and caused one of Hell’s Bells to fall on the road. Apparently the person who fell off the Stairway was trying to create a path for someone with a motor scooter, but you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

For a long time (in fact for about 40 million years), woody trees were not biodegradable. You read that correctly. Trees, the source of wood, coal, paper, and all sorts of other materials, were not always eco-friendly. Eventually fungi evolved to eat the wood, and over time wood has become an easily recyclable material that, if not recycled, at least rots in a way that enriches the earth around it. Because trees were that way, there’s reason to believe currently un-biodegradable materials like plastic will someday become biodegradable. That should be reassuring, but we should also be looking into alternate fuel sources.

Most of the people I’ve known who have had athlete’s foot haven’t really been that athletic.

Trying to explain the fidget spinner phenomenon to people 100 years from now will probably be pretty weird. “…and for about a year everyone from elementary school children to adults in their forties owned a small thing that would spin. They used this to help reduce anxiety.” “Was is just used for people who had diagnosed attention and/or anxiety disorders?” “Nope! They were used by everyone for some stupid reason.”

Fidget Spinner GIFs | Tenor

Cooking tip: Making homemade pasta is almost never worth it. It’s a lot of mess, it’s labor-intensive, and ultimately it never really tastes better than store-bought fresh or dried pasta. Just buy some at the store. It’s worth it.

It’s hard to imagine just how bad a ship would have smelled, really prior to about World War I. I mean, there was almost never indoor plumbing, and until the early 1800s most sailors rarely showered more than once a week. Plus, clothing was normally just washed in the sea and dried by being pulled behind the ship, but sea water never fully dried, really, so the clothes people we wearing were often just slightly damp, which probably got pretty funky over time. Add to that the vast amount of human waste, spoiled food, and general fishiness of the ocean, and you’ve got yourself a malodorous melee of stenches that would just be awful.

How many other politicians do you think would have come across as unstable if Twitter and cable news existed from the founding of the United States? A whole bunch, probably, right? Crazy to think about.

What if Twitter Existed Throughout Human History? - RelicRecord

* Example
** This is an example of feetnotes, whereas the first note is an example of a toe.

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