Quick Hits, Vol. 39

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For now, on to the Quick Hits!

Quick Hits

What if I just want to take a gentle stroll down to Electric Avenue?

Somewhere I like to think there’s a colony of people drinking love potions 1–8 and dancing to Mambos 1–4. I hope they’re having fun.

Reverse osmosis should be called sisomso, and I feel like scientist really missed an opportunity there.

The best part about Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is that soundtrack of a bunch of David Bowie songs in Portuguese.

When you read things that were written in other English-speaking parts of the world do you tend to read in that accent? I do. Scottish is the most fun, but RP English is the easiest.

Of all of the words in English with bad how it’s spelled vs. how it’s pronounced disconnect, “colonel” is the worst. I know it’s actually a French word, but so are a ton of other words that we don’t pronounce in French.

In continuing with the music-heavy a/v clips here, I think I’ll make the observation that Dee Snider of Twisted Sister might be #canceled if they tried to dress that way and make that music today.

It’s weird how many animals have names that are combinations with another animal. Sheepdog. Bulldog. Catfish. Dragonfly. Fox squirrel. Butterfly fish. Tiger shark. Rhinoceros beetle. Elephant shrew. Leopard frog. Mole-rat. Hank the Cow Dog. I’m sure there are others. Those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Pretty crazy though, right?

If the Harry Potter books had been written by an American, I’m convinced the spells would have been cutesy little rhymes and thus been more childlike. I’m glad JK Rowling chose to use mostly Latin. It’s a little darker and makes the transition from pure children’s book to young adult book more seamless.

This isn’t even a real Quick Hit, it’s just a reminder that Bon Scott was way better than Brian Johnson because he played the bagpipes.

Have an awesome Wednesday and a fantastic rest of the week, everyone.

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