No Need to Panic for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys got beat by the Denver Broncos 30–16 yesterday, and it wasn’t even really that close. Both of the Cowboys’ touchdowns came in the fourth quarter when the game was already decided, and both times Dallas went for two. In fact, Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein did not get any playing time aside from kickoffs. But the troubling part of the Cowboys’ loss to the Broncos was how bad the Cows looked.


I couldn’t even think of a better word than “awful.” That’s what the Cowboys were yesterday: awful. The Denver Broncos looked and played extremely well, and this post is not meant to detract from the Bronco’s impressive and decisive win, but the Cowboys looked bad. And of course when it rains it pours, so Dallas wasn’t even getting an occasional lucky break. In fact, in a rule I had never seen applied before, the Cowboys somehow managed to screw up blocking a punt.

Seriously, how bad does your day have to be going for you to block a punt only for the punting team to get a fresh set of downs and advance the ball ten yards or so? As an aside, the fact that Denver got a fresh set of downs is a bad rule. It should be treated like a fumble at that point, but then again no one consulted me when they were making the rules.

I'm a sign, not a cop: funny

The blocked punt wasn’t the worst part of the game, though. The worst part was…everything else. Zeke Elliott hurt his leg, Amari Cooper dropped a pass that literally could not have been more perfectly placed, Dak looked flat, the defense was getting smoked left, right, and center, and the normally dependable offensive line provided about as much protection as this sign.

Even the postgame press appearances were weird. Micah Parsons spent a significant amount of time trying to avoid an insect. When that happens, the best course is to just admit that it’s not your day and move on.

I could go on. My wife, who is not in any way, shape, or form a football fan, watched enough of this game to realize the Cowboys looked like they sucked. That’s how bad the Cowboys were yesterday. That said, there’s no need to panic.

One Bad Game

That’s all this was. The Cowboys have proven that they are a good team this year. Prior to yesterday the only loss they had suffered was at the hands of possible deity Tom Brady, and I don’t think a loss to Tom Brady is ever evidence that the opposing team is bad. But really, the Cowboys are a good team.

Sometimes good teams have a bad game. The 1996–97 Chicago Bulls are widely considered the best basketball team ever assembled. They went 72–10 that year and cruised to the NBA Finals where they beat the Seattle Supersonics in six games. But during the regular season they lost to the New York Knicks 104–72. The greatest basketball team in history got crushed by 32. It happens. Everyone is allowed to have a bad game. I suppose the Cowboys should be grateful that it happened now and not in January.

Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Final score and game recap

This coming Sunday the Cows play the Atlanta Falcons and will no doubt be ready to prove that the flat performance against the Broncos was a fluke. If the Cowboys play like they are capable of playing, there will be no issues. If the Cowboys poop the bed again, then a little panic might be called for. But only a little. After all, a team should be allowed a couple bad games, right?

And hey, at least there’s no more Jason Garrett, right? Can you imagine how bad that game yesterday would have been if the Jason Garrett culture was still in place? Hell, that might have been one of the better games under JG. But in all seriousness, this is a good team that had one bad game. Hopefully they’ll rise to the occasion on Sunday against the Falcons. And hopefully the Cowboys will retire the red stripe on the helmet for good. That must have some bad juju on it.

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