Quick Hits, Vol. 42

Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s time for the forty-second installment of Quick Hits! I’ve decided to publish a total of 52 volumes of Quick Hits, so there will be ten additional volumes after this one and then we’ll move on to a new weekly feature. But who knows? Maybe I’ll sprinkle in some Quick Hits even after that.

But enough about future Cosas Totum. Let’s live in the moment and get right to the Quick HIts!

Quick Hits

The most dangerous invention during my lifetime has been Amazon’s “buy now” button.

1-Click - Wikipedia

Speaking of commerce, if I opened a store that sold outdoor tables, chairs, and accessories, I think I would call it Paddy O’Furniture’s Patio Furniture.

“I can see the upside of pessimism,” said the optimist.

If a triceratops stabbed a tyrannosaurus with one of it’s three horns, the tyrannosaurus would have a dino-sore.

10 Prehistoric Battles That Could (and Probably Did) Happen

Speaking of dinosaurs, you know what’s crazy? Scientists don’t really know where dinosaurs came from or how they evolved. The oldest definite dinosaur fossils date to about 230 million years ago, but scientists are unsure how an older creature might have evolved into what we know as dinosaurs. Absolutely crazy. The universe is a wild place, man.

A pessimistic narcissist is a person who has a love-hate relationship with themselves.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see school games played at the Olympics? You know? Four square, hopscotch, wall ball, tag, hide and seek, etc. Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine how intense those games of hide and seek would get. And I wonder if they’d have a “no cherry bombs” rule in four square.

Four Square GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Speaking of sports, it’s wild that there are two different sports call football and two different sports called handball. The English language has about 171,000 words in its lexicon, but for some reason we have duplicate sport names. Unreal.

If you refer to sports drinks or fruit candy by its flavor rather than its color, you’re more adult than I will ever be.

You ever get a craving for something you’ve never even had before? Isn’t that weird? I randomly got a craving for some Peking duck not long ago and I’ve never even had Peking duck before. To be fair, I have had duck a couple of times, so I guess I would know what to expect as far as the general taste and texture of the meat, but I have no idea what actually goes into making Peking duck. So strange.

5 Restaurants That Serve Peking Duck in Boston's Chinatown - Eater Boston

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