‘Twas the Monday Before Thanksgiving

‘Twas the Monday before Thanksgiving,
And all through the land
Employees were loafing
But doing what they can.

The office is half empty
And we all know why:
All anyone can think about
Is turkey and pie.

The traffic was thinner
And no school zone lights shone
For the kids weren’t in class,
But being lazy at home.

Emails were answered
With halfhearted greetings,
And even the bosses
Zoned out during meetings.

Coworkers stop and chat
And ask with eyes a-glimmer
“Where are you going,
And what’s for Thanksgiving dinner?”

“We’re having turkey and dressing
And creamy mashed taters,
Then we’ll put on some sweatpants
And watch the Cowboys and Raiders!

“And we’ll draw names for Christmas
And see cousins galore
Then drive off in the dark
Though it’ll only be 4:00.”

But the turkey and dressing
And creamy mashed taters
Are still three full days away
And we can dream of it later.

But for now we must work
And going on living
Because today is simply
The Monday before Thanksgiving.

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