Quick Hits, Vol. 43

Happy Wednesday, everyone! After a brief hiatus for Thanksgiving, Quick Hits is back and better (or at least no worse) than ever! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

And now:

Quick Hits

Headline: Burger King Merges with Dairy Queen; Sun Never Sets on Fast Foot Empire.

Dairy Queen (with Burger King) | Dairy queen, Queen costume, Dairy free  salad dressing

It’s weird that librarians and bookies aren’t the same thing.

Now that it’s December and office Christmas parties are forthcoming, feel free to use this insult: “Was your sweater having an ugly human party at work?”

Headline: Geologist Spotted at Rock Show

Geology Rocks - The MuseStand - THE MUSESTAND

If Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” had come out when I was in middle school, I think the lyrics would have gone more like this: Hey, I just met you/and this is crazy//but here’s my screenname/so AIM me, maybe.

Misspelling the word “dictionary” is unacceptable.

Headline: Fire at Studio 54 Causes Panic at the Disco

Vintage Photos of the Glory Days of Studio 54

“I can’t keep living like this,” I say, compiling yet another stack of documents that is too large for a paperclip but not large enough to warrant a binder clip.

“Spell Check” would have been a great name for one of Harry Potter’s textbooks.

Headline: Fortune Teller Injured by Truck Hauling Camouflage: “I Never Saw it Coming.”

Mysterious Fortune Teller Focus On Crystal Ball Stock Photo - Download  Image Now - iStock

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Also, who on earth is this stock photo geared towards?

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