Quick Hits, Vol. 44

It’s Quick Hits Wednesday, everyone! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

But for now, let’s get right to it.

Quick Hits

People say a lot of negative things about weird personal estates (e.g. Neverland Ranch, Xanadu, Hearst Castle, etc.), but don’t even pretend like if you had the money you wouldn’t build your own weird private estate where you could be weird in private.

How to Visit Hearst Castle on the California Coast

“The electoral college sucks!”
“Hey, pal, I studied political science at Electoral College. Shut up!”

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you’ll likely be disappointed that there’s not some surprising and horrifying statistic at the end of it.

In the United States we sometimes call small businesses “mom and pop shops.” Do you think the British have some weird slang for small businesses like that? Mum-and-pop shop? Mum-and-dad shop? Matriarch-and-patriarch shop? Or is it something even more ridiculous and British like “Lord Featherly Chesterton’s Heinz Beans Paddington Queen Sixpence and Up Store”?

New York's vanishing mom and pop stores due to rising rents | Daily Mail  Online

The difference between “to” and “for” is different than the difference between “two” and “four.”

It’s wild that in elementary school here in Texas (and other states where it gets hot) we would have outdoor recess in August and it’d be 100° outside. We’d run and play as hard as we could in whatever clothes our moms picked out for us, get ridiculously sweaty, then go right back to class as if there wasn’t a 35 degree difference in the outside and inside temperatures.

If an astronaut describes their trip as “out of this world,” how seriously should they be taken?

Astronaut - Wikipedia

The older I get, the more I appreciate afternoons. Being able to sneak out of work on a random Tuesday afternoon sometimes feels nicer than taking a whole day off. Getting my partying done on a Saturday afternoon is just more enjoyable than waiting until a “normal” party time like 9:00 or 10:00 or whatever. Afternoons are underappreciated.

My one rule of advice when selecting a spot for dinner is to not order seafood unless the restaurant is within a three-hour drive of the ocean. No, thank you, I will not be having any tuna in Nebraska or “fresh” cod in Iowa.

Little known fact: Dr. Dre, Dr. Hook, Dr. John, Dr. Seuss, and Dr Pepper all went to the same medical school.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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