Why Does No One Care About the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein, close personal friend, confidant, and co-conspirator of Ghislaine Maxwell, was found dead in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. He allegedly died by hanging himself, violently throwing himself off the top bunk of his cell with a jerry-rigged noose around his neck. However, the anomalies of that day (the security cameras outside Epstein’s cell mysteriously quit working, he was not checked on at regular intervals as was procedure, he was not given a replacement cellmate, and the violent nature of the hanging) have led many people, including Epstein’s attorneys, to suggest that Epstein was in fact murdered.

And you know what? It matters. You’d think it wouldn’t matter because Jeffrey Epstein was a monstrous, horrible human who directly caused the sexual assault and rape of many, many women and underage girls, and the world is better off without him here stealing oxygen from those of us who try to contribute to society. But it matters because of two very important reasons: Epstein’s associates, and Epstein’s victims.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Aiding and Abetting

Epstein’s associates include President Bill Clinton, the Duke of York (Prince Andrew), President Donald Trump, attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz, Leslie Wexler (CEO of L Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret, among other businesses), Woody Allen, Larry Summers (Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton), disgraced movie executive and all around gross human Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, and, of course, Ghislaine Maxwell. Interestingly, other people found in Epstein’s records include Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Handler, Stephen Hawking, Ted Kennedy, and George Stephanopoulos, though these names mostly come from Epstein’s Rolodex and guest lists to parties, so I think it’s unfair to immediately assume they were guilty of anything nefarious. But the folks in that first list are ones who spent inordinate amounts of time with Epstein and had been to his private island (Little St. James) or on his private plane, the Lolita Express. Both the island and the plane have been said by Epstein’s former victims to be places where sexual assaults routinely occurred.

Partners or Partners in Crime? Maxwell-Epstein Bond Is Key to Her Trial -  The New York Times

Of course, the more important people in this saga are Epstein’s victims. Epstein has been accused of engaging in sex trafficking, including the trafficking of underage girls, as well as sexual assault and rape. Dozens of alleged victims have come forward, all telling a similar story. If you haven’t watched Filthy Rich on Netflix, you should, because it details more of that and shows what a creep Epstein really was. These victims will not get the opportunity to truly face Jeffrey Epstein, and largely they will get no closure from any of the awful suffering they endured at Epstein’s hands.

Enter Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell was Epstein’s girlfriend of sorts, as well as an advisor, party hostess, consigliere, and possible madam. Each of the victims who has come forward to accuse Epstein has accused Maxwell of being involved. Sometimes it was as simple as introducing Epstein to a young girl, sometimes it was actively participating in a rape or sexual assault. But we do know Maxwell was something of a recruiter, convincing girls, often underage, to come work for Epstein, ostensibly as something like a massage therapist (which in and of itself is creepy), normally with the promise that Epstein would eventually send the girl to college or massage school or whatever. In many ways Ghislaine Maxwell is just as disgusting as Epstein was, though of course she did less actual raping. However, aiding and abetting a rapist is a truly vile sin of its own accord.

And right now, Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is going on. So how come nobody is talking about it?

Twitter Drama: The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker

A Twitter account called Maxwell Trial Tracker (@TrackerTrial) amassed 525,000 followers in the week or so leading up to Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, which began just after Thanksgiving. The account provided daily (and sometimes hourly) updates from the trial, including summaries of testimony, lists of names mentioned during the prosecution’s case in chief, descriptions of Maxwell’s actions and demeanor, and other bits of information related to the trial and the accusations in general.

Twitter suspends account tracking Ghislaine Maxwell trial

The Maxwell trial is in federal court, which, unlike some state courts (like Wisconsin’s with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial), does not allow the proceedings to be recorded by media or non-court personnel. This means it is more difficult to get updates on what is happening at trial because members of the media (or curious individuals) have to be physically present in the courtroom to see what’s going on. The Maxwell Trial Tracker on Twitter was doing what the media should have been doing: covering this case. However, the media has largely been silent, and then about a week ago the Maxwell Trial Tracker account was suspended by Twitter.

Now, let’s try to be fair here. Maybe that Twitter account was just making things up. Maybe what it said was happening wasn’t actually happening at all. Maybe it was spreading disinformation, violating Twitter’s rules, and generally being a very convincing troll. Maybe that’s all correct, but here’s the problem: we don’t know.

And we don’t know because the media has largely been silent about what’s going on at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Radio Silence

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is a big deal. It’s important. Jeffrey Epstein was one of the richest, most powerful men in America for twenty-plus years. Whether he helped any of his powerful associates actually sexually assault any minors is almost beside the point because he was so rich and powerful on his own and the accusations to his own awful actions would be enough to make this newsworthy. Imagine if some other rich and powerful person was accused of this. I’m not going to mention anyone by name, but just think of someone rich and powerful who isn’t necessary a celebrity. A billionaire business owner, CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, the owner of a major sports team, big shot hedge fund manager, a high-profile attorney who defended OJ Simpson, etc. If someone that rich and that powerful was accused of these crimes you would expect it to be all over the news.

Now go onto the CNN or Fox News or MSNBC website. Go ahead. I’ll wait. I even linked them so all you have to do is click. See anything related to this trial on the landing page? Maybe one throwaway blurb at the bottom or to the side that says “Maxwell Trial: Defense Prepares for Witness Testimony” or something equally innocuous? Or nothing at all? As of 8:07 a.m. Central time on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, MSNBC is the only site that even mentions the trial, and it’s literally several days old. Weird, right?

There’s nothing. Just absolutely nothing. And we’re talking about a woman who helped Jeffrey Epstein procured underage girls for the sole purpose of raping them and sexually assaulting them. And she’s been accused of helping Epstein procure these girls for the likes of Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. It’s absolutely bananas that there aren’t many, many updates everyday. We should be getting play-by-play analysis and recaps at every opportunity. Hell, earlier this year Fox News had like a huge front-page article on the guy who won the July 4 hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, and they don’t have one article about the Maxwell trial on their landing page? Are you telling me that consuming 20,000 calories in under ten minutes is more important than two former presidents being implicated in a major sex trafficking ring?

The Truth for the People

This whole thing just feels like some under-the-table deal. Not exactly a coverup, but something close to a coverup. And intentional downplaying, maybe. Most news websites that I have surfed this morning focus the following: a) the January 6 riot at the Capitol, which is important but not exactly pressing; b) Covid, which is still here but largely uninteresting news; c) the tornado in Kentucky, which deserves the coverage it’s getting; or d) something derogatory about the other news networks. Seriously, on CNN there’s an article about how bad Fox News’s coverage of the January 6 riot was, and on Fox News there’s an article about how bad CNN’s ratings have been recently. Apparently they believe that a metaphorical pissing contest between two large, soulless, sensationalist “news” outlets is more important than the trafficking and sexual enslaving of many underage girls.

Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: an uncomfortable  connection | News Review | The Sunday Times

The lack of attention by the media is troubling. The indifference is, in fact, disgusting. I know I’m about to sound a bit like a crackpot, but doesn’t it make you wonder why these things aren’t being brought up? I mean, President Clinton and President Trump have both been implicated. Wouldn’t you expect Fox News to jump all over Clinton and call him a pedophile and a creep? And wouldn’t CNN be expected to lay into Trump and call him a rapist in addition to a racist, misogynist, whatever-ist they’ve been calling him for the past five years? Doesn’t it make you wonder? Why are they hiding this?

We as a nation deserve answers. If any of our political leaders were involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, that is something we have a right to know. Same thing for any public figure. Bill Cosby was in the news every day for months when the accusations, arrest, trial, and sentencing for his crimes came to light. And that was one dude who hadn’t been relevant in years. I’m glad it all came to light, and I think if nothing else his victims deserve to see him handle the consequences of his actions so publicly, but there’s no way Bill Crosby’s crimes were so much worse than those committed by Epstein, Maxwell, and their associates.

At it’s core the media is supposed to be a source of information. Sure, everyone is going to have a point of view and it’s almost impossible to report news without some editorializing, but it would be nice to hear something. Imagine if it later comes out that the Trumps and Clintons were pressuring these news outlets to downplay the trial. Or imagine if the trial records are fully made public and someone does a great service and shares them with the populace. The media isn’t even editorializing. They’re just flat out not reporting, and that is scary. They pick and choose the news, they do not report it, and when they are picking and choosing the news, they aren’t a news outlet anymore.

Jeffrey Epstein's connections to Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, explained -  Vox

A coverup is not out of the realm of possibility, either. Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, Snowden, the Catholic Church moving around pedophile priests, etc. These are all examples of governments and media outlets of the world trying to spin or cover up massively important, dangerous things. We need more openness in the world. Governments and people in power have been hiding things from the public since the dawn of man, all in an effort to keep the powerful people in power. We should not stand for this, and more demands of accountability and honest reporting should be made against these entities.

But until then, I suppose all we can do is wait to see what they tell us and hope we’re all overthinking this.

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