Quick Hits, Vol. 45

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s time for another round of Quick Hits! For the full Quick Hits archive, click here.

Quick Hits

The Naughty List Conundrum: What if a kid on the naughty list asks for coal for Christmas?

Why Santa Claus Gives Coal to Bad Kids | Mental Floss

Crumbling up a piece of notebook paper when you’re not happy with what you’ve written is about 3,000 times more therapeutic than hitting Ctrl+A Delete when you’re not happy with something you’ve typed.

As someone who grew up in Texas I can say for certain that occasionally it’s pretty difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 84° outside. Great for golf, though.

Theoretically, a one-horse town could have up to four horses, provided that each of the horses was a quarter horse.

Quarter Horse Coat Color Genetics - AQHA

It trips me out that sometimes we as humans dress up our pets to look like different animals. About six weeks ago (right around Halloween), I saw a woman with three small dogs. One was dressed as a ladybug, one was dressed as a spider, and one was dressed as a butterfly. That’s insane to me. It’s not like the dog understands what’s going on, but I also don’t really get the appeal. If spiders were actually the size of a Pomeranian, that would be terrifying.

These days we make lighthearted fun of older people who want something by fax instead of email. I wonder if by the time I’m in my 70s email will have been replaced by something else but I’ll be one of those holdover jerks who insists on using a Gmail account.

One weird thing about getting older as a sports fan is seeing your childhood sports icons’ children playing professionally. Lately I’ve seen highlights from Gary Payton II. and Keyon Martin, Jr. and all I could think about is how I saw those guys’ dads play live a handful of time growing up. As an aside, Gary Payton II is a true American hero for this:

I tried coffee once when I was about eight years old. I hated it and swore I’d never drink the stuff. Now I’m in my thirties and if you told me I would never be able to have coffee again I would be inconsolable for months or possibly years.

It’s weird that we have specific hats for graduating from different levels of schooling. High school and college get those mortarboard hats, and different graduate and professional programs have their own hats. But if you saw someone just walking around in a hat like that, you’d think they were a weirdo or some pompous prick.

I want to use this last bit of space to not only say congratulations (as if he’ll ever know about this or see it) to Steph Curry for becoming the NBA’s all-time 3-point leader. He did it so, so fast, and assuming he’s got at least another five or so quality years left in him, it’s entirely possible that he’ll hit over 4,500 threes in his career and that record sounds an awful lot like one of those that’s never going to be broken. Absolutely insane, especially considering how injury-plagued his first season or two were. It’s also nice to see how positive everyone has been about it. He’s a likeable dude so everyone seems to be very happy for him, and that’s awesome as well.

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Be safe out there!

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