7 Day ‘Til Christmas: Get Organized

We’re officially one week away from Christmas 2021, which means it’s time to make sure you get organized. This will be a short and sweet reminder piece that will hopefully help you get everything you need in place to have a stress-free, relaxing Christmas.

1. Gifts

First of all, get all of your gifts. It’s a week away, and soon Amazon isn’t going to be able to get stuff to you before Christmas. Today you should take inventory and make sure you have everything. Make sure you consider gifts for office Christmas parties, Angel Trees, church toy drives, and anything else that involves getting something for someone who isn’t family or a friend. If you don’t have everything, today is the day to brave the crowds and just go get what you need. I know going to a mall a week before Christmas is awful, but at least it’s not Christmas Eve.

2. Supplies

Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, ribbon, to/from stickers, gift bags, tissue paper, markers, etc. Make sure you have all that stuff. I live in Dallas and it recently took about a week to get our wrapping paper from Amazon, so you might just want to head out to Target at some point today and grab that kind of stuff because time is running out. And always get more tape than you need. It shouldn’t take much tape to wrap a gift, but if you’re anything like me you will absolutely screw up a million times while wrapping gifts and extra tape helps.

3. Travel Plans

Now is the time to finalize travel plans. Clean your car, make sure you know where your luggage is, make hotel reservations if you haven’t already, make sure to find out whether you’re going to a Christmas church service while you’re away so you know to pack church clothes, and you might even want to go ahead and put all the gifts you’ll be taking with you in your car. I know that helps me.

4. Grocery and Liquor Runs

If you’re not traveling for Christmas, I would suggest going to the store today and getting provisions for next week. Liquor stores and grocery stores are terrible the closer you get to Christmas, so go ahead and go now so you can maybe avoid having to go later in the week. Be sure to get things that have long shelf lives or can be frozen. I know this sounds like I’m telling you to prepare for a blizzard or something, but crowds are the worst and stores get crowded the closer to Christmas it gets.

5. Christmas Cards

If you haven’t already sent out Christmas cards, you need to do that today. Seriously, just do it. I know it’s terrible, especially if you’re like me and get hand cramps after addressing about five envelopes, but still. Just suck it up and do it. I promise you’ll feel better.

6. Cleaning

If you’re hosting Christmas, go ahead and give your home a deep clean today. You’ll still have to tidy up and scrub a few things as it gets closer to Christmas, but at least it won’t be a Christmas Eve deep cleaning, because that’s the worst. There’s nothing quite like slaving around the house all day, getting sweaty and grimy and gross as you clean every nook and cranny, then having to shower and put on corduroys and a sweater. Just clean it today that way you don’t have to spend several hours doing it on Christmas Eve or whatever.

7. Work Schedule

Lastly, take today and make sure everything is squared away with work. Go ahead and set your email out message, remind your boss you’ll be out starting on Wednesday, email your clients and let them know you’ll be out for a few days, and generally make sure you’re covered that way no one will get mad when they go to your office on Thursday and you’re not in there. Trust me, if you don’t remind people it leads to some pretty awkward phone calls.

Have a great Saturday, everyone. Be sure to get some stuff done, but don’t work too hard. Take some time to relax and enjoy this relative calm before the Christmas Chaos.

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