In Honor of Dirk Nowitzki…

Dallas Mavericks legend and all-around good dude Dirk Nowitzki had his number 41 retired at the Dallas Mavericks game last night. Dirk joined the Mavericks when I was in elementary school and left the Mavericks when I was a practicing attorney, so in a lot of ways he was the most consistent professional sports presence in my formative and early-adult years. I love Dirk. I met him at Dallas Mavericks Summer Camp when he was a rookie whose English wasn’t nearly as good as it is now and he looked like some European DJ with his frosty blonde hair and earring. I modeled my own game after the Dunking Deutschman as much as I could. Hell, I even had the long, wavy hair for a while.

The point is that I love Dirk. And I wanted to take today to just reflect on how deserving he was of the championship he won, how deserving he is to have his number retired, and how deserving he is of all the other accolades and superlatives he’s amassed over the years. He even got a street named after him in Dallas! How cool is that?

But I digress. Here is a highlight video of Dirk, to which I have no claim of right or ownership.

As a bonus, here’s some other NBA greats talking about how awesome Dirk was.

And finally, here’s Dirk’s unbelievable 2011 playoff highlights. Absolutely bananas how good Dirk was.

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