End of Ze World: Videos You Forgot Existed

The other day someone showed me a video I haven’t seen since middle school, which for me was 2001–2003. It got me thinking about the hours and hours I would while away as I scoured eBaum’s World, Homestarrunner, and all of the other websites that had to provide video entertainment in the pre-YouTube days, and even in some of the days after YouTube existed but before it was huge.

You remember those days, right? Toby Keith was singing about putting boots in asses, the Dallas Cowboys were only 8 or nine years removed from their last Super Bowl, and Bill Cosby was still America’s dad to some extent. Woof. Long time, huh?

Anyway, I have a lot to do today so I don’t have the time I normally would to devote to writing a good, well thought out, relevant article. So instead I decided to post the first of my Videos You Forgot Existed Series.

Today, we start with End of Ze World, which I first saw on YouTube my senior year of high school (2006). Language is NSFW, so watch with caution. Here it is:

Wow. Crazy, right? You had forgotten about that, hadn’t you? Wild. I guess 2006 was just a simpler time. Man. Okay, enjoy the rest of your day, and go down a few rabbit holes sometime.

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