Star Wars Kid: Videos You Forgot Existed

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling both lazy and nostalgic one morning while trying to figure out what to write for the blog, and somehow I ended up on that End of Ze World video from my youth. Then I posted about that and told myself I would, periodically, bring up other videos of my formative years.

Well, another bout of writer’s block has hit me, so why not jump right back into the world of possibly forgotten viral videos. Today I bring you Star Wars Kid. Ah, yes. It was 2003, and I’m not even sure where I saw the video first. YouTube didn’t exist yet, but there were still plenty of outlets for weird videos and other things that we would one day call “memes.” But wherever I saw it, it stuck with me.

Star Wars Kid has been famously spoofed many times, perhaps most notably on Arrested Development, but there was also a great spoof in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.

But enough about the spoofs. Let’s get to the real deal. I hope you enjoy the flashbacks to the early-2000s that will assuredly come with your viewing this video. Have a great Tuesday!

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