The Evolution of Dance: Videos You Forgot Existed

Oh, 2006. What a time. The housing market hadn’t crashed just yet, The Office had finished season 2 and began season 3, and, tragically, the Dallas Mavericks lost the NBA Finals to the officiating crew and the Miami Heat. But you know what I did when I started feeling sad about those Finals? I just got on YouTube and pulled up a video that someone had shown me earlier that year. It featured an average-looking white dude with an orange t-shirt tucked into his blue jeans, and for six minutes he danced his way from Elvis Presley to Jay-Z. It was terrific.

YouTube was relatively new to me at the time, so it was pretty incredible to have access to such a video. I also couldn’t believe how entrancing that guy’s dancing was. He didn’t look like he’d have any rhythm, he didn’t look like he’d be limber enough to do the worm, and he definitely didn’t look like someone who was about to have his dance routine watched over 300 million times. But it was quality entertainment. It was the Evolution of Dance.

Like many early viral videos, the Evolution of Dance has been addressed in TV, film, and other Internet outlets. Unlike many other videos (such as Star Wars Kid), however, the Evolution of Dance was not necessarily made fun of, but simply recreated. My personal favorite is, coincidentally from The Office, when Andy tries to do the dance but can’t do it to the music. It is my sincerest belief that if Evolution of Dance came out today, it would end up as a Tik Tok challenge or something.

But anyway, I’m rambling and most of you have already stopped reading, so here’s the video. Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!

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