The Alabama Leprechaun: Videos You Forgot Existed

Picture, if you will, a world in which the mythical creatures of childhood fantasy are not fantasy at all, but real, tangible objects; a world in which a diminutive Irish sprite could captivate an audience so far away from Ireland. What you are about to witness is evidence of what happens when an unassuming American town becomes one more destination . . . in the Twilight Zo— I mean, the Internet?

But seriously, I want you to think back to March of 2006. What were you doing? I was a junior in high school and had just been shown the video below by a good friend of mine who lived down the street. This was pre-smart phone and pre-high-school-students-having-and/or-needing-laptops, so we watched it on a big beige computer monitor in his dedicated “computer room” at his house. Unbelievable how old that sentence is, isn’t it?

Anyhow, this video took the Internet by storm. It depicts folks in the town of Mobile, Alabama trying to get a glimpse of a leprechaun who was allegedly up in a tree. The best part is that this was an actual news piece featured on the local NBC affiliate in Mobile, meaning that someone had to have the idea to film this, someone had to shoot it, someone had to edit it, someone had to produce it, someone had to write copy so the anchors could talk about it, and someone made the decision to go ahead and air it.

The one-liners are great. “To me, it looked like a leprechaun to me!” “Who else seen the leprechaun say ‘yeah!'” “Could be a crackhead that got ahold to the wrong stuff!” “Yeah, it’s still on there, guy. DON’T BE AFRAID!” “This wards off spells right here.” The real piece de resistance is the sketch of the alleged leprechaun, which serves as the main picture of this article and also was on a shirt I wore frequently in college because of how much I loved this video.

So what about you? Did you forget about the Alabama Leprechaun? Fret not, because here’s the original video, now with over 28 million views!

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