Happy Twosday

Look, if you’re already on the Internet today, you’re gonna see a bunch of stuff celebrating today as Twosday or 2sday or or whatever. But just because it’ll be everywhere doesn’t make it any less fascinating.

A Centennial Event, With a Twist

Sorry about the crappy quality of that video, but NBC owns the images and YouTube is good about making sure copyright issues don’t swell up too often, so we have to settle for a video of a video.

But even still, Michael’s bad math notwithstanding, he has a bit of a point. Today is Tuesday, February 22, 2022. In the US we’d right the date 2/22/22, though in many other parts of the world they would write 22/2/22, but either way the date is five twos and is happening on a Tuesday.

That only happens every 100 years, because there’s only one year that ends in 22 every hundred years. That means some digital archaeologist will no doubt find this blog in 2122 or 2222 (we can only hope!) or 2322 and will probably publish some findings saying that early-21st century humans were very easily amused indeed if all it took was a predicted, pedestrian occurrence to occur.

But, of course, the real treat is that the day of twos will fall on Tuesday. This really only works in English because most other languages (or at least most other Indo-European languages) don’t have the rhyming sound in their words for 2 and the second day of the week. I mean, in Spanish, for example, 2 is dos, and Tuesday is Martes. Similarly, in French 2 is deux and Tuesday is Mardi, as in Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” in French. Just to show you it’s not just the Romance languages, German has zvei for 2 and Dienstag for Tuesday. It doesn’t work. English is the only way that Tuesday can truly become Twosday.

How to Celebrate

How do you celebrate today? For starters, you should absolutely do as many things involving the number 2 as possible. Get a double-dip of ice cream, enjoy some tacos at Taco Tuesday, maybe rent a bicycle built for two, have second breakfast, wear a tutu, and even do things twice if that helps you get in the mood for a Twosday party. But definitely get your poop jokes out early because I guarantee that by 10:00 a.m. most people will have exhausted their arsenal of poop jokes.

But seriously, you should celebrate it. The odds are that this is the only Twosday you’ll see in your life, especially if you’re old enough to read and comprehend these words. There’s plenty about existence that is not necessarily cause for celebration, so in my mind that makes it okay to, on occasion and within reason, celebrate these sort of pseudo-events. I mean, we only get one ride on this particular rollercoaster, so why not enjoy it when the opportunity presents itself (although the lawyer in me feels compelled to add “on occasion and within reason” to this sentiment as well).

Happy Twosday, everyone. Be sure to document today so you can tell younger generations about it in the future.

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