Happy Birthday, Luka Doncic!

Okay, y’all. I need to be real with everyone for a minute. This post wasn’t originally a happy birthday, Luka post. Originally it was about 750 words on how the Mavericks are terrible on nationally televised games and that Luka needs to spend less time jawing at referees and more time concentrating on free throws. (Seriously, he’s so good at so many things and has a career free throw percentage of 73.6%, which is piss poor for someone as good as Luka. If you’ll remember, Jason Kidd was a poor free throw shooter early in his career and was able to turn that around so much that eventually he was even taking technical free throws in Jersey, so if Kidd can do it, so can Luka.)

But then the Mavs did something incredible and went on a 26-3 run in the fourth quarter to grab the comeback road win against the Golden State Warriors (who, Warriors fans are quick to point out, were playing without Klay Thompson last night). I was, naturally, quite excited, but it also meant that I had to come up with something new to put out this morning and the creative juices have had increased viscosity lately, so that was unusually daunting for me.

Then I remembered that today is Luka’s birthday, and so I decided to pivot focus a little bit.

With that in mind, happy birthday, Luka! He is turning 23, and if that wasn’t depressing enough to those who are much older and much less impressive than he is, here’s his highlight reel from his first stint in professional basketball, which began at the ripe old age of 16!

Still not impressed? Here’s Luka’s highlight reel from ages 19–22, which comprises his first three seasons in the NBA:

Absolutely unreal. There literally is nothing that I am as good at as he is good at basketball. I can’t even wrap my head around it sometimes. Then you remember that today is is turning TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD?????? Twenty-three? Veintitrés for those who prefer Spanish, which is one of the four languages speaks fluently.

Just all around impressive. Now I have to get back to work and worry about bills like a normal human. Happy birthday, Luka.

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