TROGDOR!: Videos You Forgot Existed

Oh, man. Remember Homestar Runner? It seems like Homestar Runner was one of those websites that was mainly for people who unironically shopped at Spencer’s Gifts. But whatever. It was the early 2000s and there was a contingent of what we would now call Millennials who were born between 1987 and 1991 or so who were in middle school when the Internet became a common household feature. We now know that the Internet has something for every possible audience, but back then it was nice to have something like Homestar Runner, which seemed to cater specifically to people between 11 and 16 years old. It was great.

Enter Trogdor. One of the characters that could be found on Homestar Runner’s website was Strong Bad. I won’t get into a bunch of stuff about Strong Bad’s lore, but one of the things Strong Bad did was check his email account and respond. On the 58th installment of Strong Bad Email, the “emailer” asked Strong Bad to show off his skills as an artist by drawing a dragon. Strong Bad happily complies, and a dragon called Trogdor the Burninator was born.

Now, re-watching this video today, it’s safe to say that I was 100% correct to be entertained by it way back when. It holds up. It’s hilarious and ridiculous and weirdly charming. The song that accompanies Trogdor the Burninator is perfect. It’s the cheesiness of an early-90s, that-type-of-music-was-dying-out hair metal song, the animation capabilities of Windows 97, and the nostalgia of the smell from a Blockbuster on a Friday night. To this day the cousin who introduced Homestar Runner to me and I will sometimes just go “TROGDOOOOOR” in our best imitation of Strong Bad. It’s just great.

In case you’re wondering, the Homestar Runner website is still up and (pardon the pun) running. It’s worth a look around. It’s a bit like going back in time, but all around it’s just tremendously fun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed the video from the actual website, but I can link it here. For now, though, they have also put it on YouTube, which is what is below. But that’s enough from me. Enjoy the dulcet tones of Strong Bad as he introduces the world to Trogdor the Burninator.

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