Happy National Get Over It Day!

March 9 is National Get Over It Day here in the United States. What is National Get Over It Day you ask? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Today is a day for you to get over whatever is bothering or annoying you. Apparently the “It” in “Get Over It” can be anything, large or small, that you just need to move on from. Are you intrigued? I’m intrigued. Let’s discuss.

What is “It”?

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I believe the idea behind National Get Over It Day is that we shouldn’t allow anger, resentment, or otherwise ill feelings cloud our judgment and render us depressed people living in a world of misery and strife. That I get. Bad traffic on the way to work shouldn’t ruin your whole day. One minor interaction with one random stranger shouldn’t dwell in your thoughts forever. Your overcooked dinner shouldn’t send you to bed angry. That I get.

But where does it end? [Mocking Baby Talk Voice]: “Awww, did the wittle baby’s mommy and daddy get murdered by the scary man with the wittle bitty pistol? [Back to Regular Voice] Just get over it, dude.” (That’s my idea of some very disgruntled social worker in Gotham City telling Bruce Wayne to just get over his parents’ murder. Of course, Bruce rather famously did not get over it and instead of having a healthy reaction decided to become a vigilante who dresses up as a bat in the evenings.)

You get the idea. Sure, overcooked food is easily gotten over, but heartbreak? Death? Physical or mental abuse? Probably not the intended “It” in National Get Over It Day.

How To Celebrate National Get Over It Day

This is taken directly from the National Day Calendar, which is where I learned that today is National Get Over It Day. This is how they recommend getting over it:

  • Don’t fume over something minor any longer.
  • Settle the score with yourself and your burden will feel lighter.
  • Say goodbye to the worry of the “if onlys” and “what ifs” and look forward to days with a more positive attitude. 
  • Host an obstacle course race and see who gets over the objects in their path the fastest.
  • Get over that cold that’s been nagging you for weeks. 

That list is awesome. I mean…it really is just awesome. But there’s a little bit to unpack here, so let’s talk it over.

Don’t Fume Over Something Minor Any Longer

I like this one. Straight and to the point. It doesn’t define “minor,” but I think we can assume that minor includes things like bad traffic and overcooked dinner rather than losing a loved one or being exploited by people you trust.

Settle the Score With Yourself and Your Burden will Feel Lighter

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There is something vaguely religious about this one, right? Similar to “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30 for those wondering.) But it’s also a little condescending, like it came from a self-help book written by a Kardashian or someone else with literally no understanding of the stresses of everyday people. “Just settle a score with yourself and you’ll feel better.” Can’t you see that as the caption under an Insta selfie that gets a million likes?

But I suppose it’s also good advice as long as you don’t think about it too long. I think settling a score with oneself would be things like not dwelling on a random awkward thing you did in fifth grade or making a conscious effort to change something about yourself instead of dwelling on negativity. In a more grandiose time this tip would be accompanied by some other platitude like “look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you like what you see, and if the answer is no, make the change you need to make.” But perhaps that’s a little too Tony Robbins for the National Day Calendar.

Say Goodbye to the Worry of the “If Onlys” and “What Ifs” and Look Forward to Days with a More Positive Attitude

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? It’s also a little trite. “Be more positive!” It’s a bumper sticker that uses 22 words when three would have sufficed. That said, the first part (through “what ifs”) is good advice. I mean, we shouldn’t dwell on what ifs in life. That’s how you turn into Gollum or some comic book supervillain.

The second part I don’t really get, though. Look forward to days with a more positive attitude? Okay. For one thing, it’s awkwardly worded. This makes it seem like you should look forward to days that encompass a more positive attitude when in reality what it’s telling you to do is be more optimistic when thinking about your day. It’s about starting your day on a positive note. It’s also unnecessary. I mean, how many people wake up in a bad mood consistently enough such that it’s a legitimate concern? Perhaps people with clinical conditions, but by and large I would guess most people either wake up in a good mood or a neutral mood, or they take so long to really wake up that they can’t even really pinpoint their mood upon waking. Either way I suppose it’s a good idea to try and be optimistic about each day, but doesn’t it seem like they could have just said that instead of making it some weird sentence? Oh well.

Host an Obstacle Course Race and See Who Gets Over the Objects in their Path the Fastest

This is my favorite one. It’s like the old Mitch Hedberg joke: “I’d like to see a forklift lift a crate of forks; it’d be so damn literal.” I love jokes like this one. I have to believe that the original spirit of National Get Over It Day had to do more with getting over things in the more ethereal and emotional way. Get over that little bit of frustration that is irrationally and disproportionately affecting your day.

Kids Obstacle Course | How to create a backyard of fun for your kids! |  Families Magazine

But then someone had the brilliant idea (and I mean that literally, not sarcastically) to use National Get Over It Day as an excuse to build and traverse an obstacle course and let me tell you, brother, I am here for that kind of attitude. “It’s National Get Over It Day, so maybe you should consider just letting go of the bad traff—” “I’M GONNA DO AN OBSTACLE COURSE INSTEAD!!!” Wonderful. I don’t have the space, time, or resources to build an obstacle course, but I think next time I have to go to the breakroom for something I’m going to hurdle my desk in celebration of National Get Over It Day.

Get Over that Cold That’s Been Nagging You for Weeks

Uh, okay. I guess I’ll just get over a cold. Everyone knows that sickness is all in your mind and it’s just a matter of brainpower. Why stop at a cold? Why not cancer or a compound fracture of the femur or Covid? Just get over it, bro. Come on. Just nut up and get over it, dude.

Seriously, what the hell does this one mean? If you have a cold are you supposed to cartoonishly squeeze a whole can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup into your mouth like Popeye does with spinach? Maybe beer bong some ginger ale, snort a line of crushed up DayQuil, and binge watch The Price is Right until you feel better? How does one just get over a cold, especially under a deadline?

Spinach GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I can get over the cheesy platitudes and the ridiculous condescension of some of these suggestions. I will 100% revel in the hilarious thought of doing an obstacle course. I will not, however, get behind the premise of “you have a cold, just get over it already.” It doesn’t make any sense. If it was that simple almost no one would ever be sick for longer than it took to figure out that they were sick so that they could willpower their way into not being sick. “Oh man, I think I have a cold. Let me just—” scrunches their face in concentration “—there we go. All better.” Ridiculous.

I’m Over It

Weird suggestions of godlike powers aside, take some time to get over something trivial that’s been bothering you lately. Carrying around that kind of needless anxiety is the worst. Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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